Keeping it in the family: the heritage and healing power of Seavite

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Innovations can come from the most unexpected of places and this is what materialized for Patrick Mulrooney, the late Galway-based marine scientist, in the 1980s.

The scientist believed wholeheartedly in the power of the sea and its medicinal qualities. So much so, that he set himself on a journey to bottle its magic after witnessing first-hand the healing power it had on his daughter's skin, both of whom suffered from chronic atopic eczema. During the summer months on the west of Ireland, their skin would heal from the therapeutic capabilities of the Atlantic sea.


This was how Seavite was created in 1993. Mulrooney joined together the pure botanicals and nutrient-rich Irish seaweed extracts to form his products. The journey began with a shower-gel and developed with skin moisturisers and hair products. The Seavite range quickly became the brand to watch and gained cult beauty status, due to its intense healing power and its ability to completely transform skin.

Mulrooney's daughters, Katherine and Jane, both became medical doctors with Masters in Clinical Dermatology. Thus, they followed in the footsteps of their father by dedicating their entire careers to curing sensitive skin ailments and fighting the signs of skin ageing.

In 2004 they took the helm and reformulated and revitalized the Seavite range, using new and improved scientific technologies and discovering tried and tested anti-aging ingredients. They introduced both the Super Nutrient Toning Sea Spray and the Super Nutrient Radiance Serum, which have become mainstays of the collection. All the while, they stayed true to the brand message and identity that their father created.


The secret ingredient

Seavite's products are fresh, clean and complete with a luxury feel but stay true to their ocean roots. Seaweed is at the center of all they do, with all of their products infused with fresh Atlantic seaweed from Carrig Fhada in Easkey, Co. Sligo. Seaweed is full of the element Fucoidan which has been clinically proven to increase skin brightness, decrease the appearance of wrinkles and improve the hydration of the skin. Both sisters believe that seaweed contains all the elements that are vital to life, just like their father did.

Dr. Katherine and Dr. Jane Mulrooney use Seavite products on every patient that visits their renowned Dublin skin clinic. Like their late father, they are passionate about the invigorating magic of the Atlantic sea which has been secured by Seavite and streamlined by science.

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