Face Lace

Where we find a new facial (fashion) expression

Festivals mean fringed fashion, funky sunglasses and cooler than thou footwear. Hair is worn loose and wavy, for the first day at least, but what about our faces? All the make-up in the world won't stand the days and nights spent swaying in the pit or queueing for beer. Hello Face Lace, high colour, crafted adornments that can be applied straight to your skin for an instant style shot and brought to our gracious faces by make-up artist and fashion illustrator, Phyllis Cohen. Remember those gold brows as seen SS14 for Dior - Phyllis Cohen; tattoo designer for Jean-Paul Gaultier - Phyllis Cohen; favourite make-up artist of David Bowie - Phyllis Cohen; you get the picture. The intricate designs in skin enhancing hues, take less than a minute to manage, we especially like the Woodstock inspired eye art.? And although applique is not something we would normally toast, we're stocking up this season. Our frowns have certainly turned upside-down.

face-lace.com and the exclusive collection for Topshop, Beauty Sparks, out end of May. Prices start at €6.


Liz Dwyer @beautybootcamp1

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