Face Freezing. Would You Try It?

In our collective, constant bid to reverse time and eradicate wrinkles (maybe some day we'll embrace the aging process, but not today) we've always got our eyes and ears open for the latest treatments and innovations. Making waves in the US these days is the totally non-invasive procedure of face-freezing. The correct name for this treatment is the cryotherapy facial that, extreme though it may sound, involves no nipping or tucking whatsoever. Now we're interested.

Over at Byrdie, they went ahead and tried the treatment and by all accounts, the results are instantly apparent. If like this writer you'd be opposed to Botox for whatever reason (many are, and it's understandable) but you're not prepared to spend your thirties with a forehead that resembles the back of a radiator, this seems to be the ticket. Now we just need to see it successfully carried out in Ireland.

As per Byrdie's guinea pig, the treatment takes less than 20 minutes, it's relaxing, and it's more cooling than shockingly cold (which you'd expect from something involving liquid nitrogen). 100% pure oxygen combines with liquid nitrogen for a super scientific facial. Applied with a cotton swob, this simple formula works on two levels: the liquid nitrogen exfoliates away dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal, while the oxygen rids your skin of bacteria and heals any damaged skin cells. You should expect to feel instantly smoother, more even and walk out of the salon with that 'have you been away?' relaxed glow.

Byrdie tells us you're likely to want six sessions before you notice any long-term benefits to those fine lines and wrinkles. Read their review here.


Currently in Ireland, cryotherapy is used by dermatologists to deal with lesions and other skin related issues - you can read all about the Beacon Face & Dermatology's treatments here - but it's only beginning to emerge as a beauty treatment. In Whites of Wexford's spa, cryotherapy is used as a whole body treatment when clients are faced with injuries and other conditions. Cryotherapy is also said to be particularly beneficial for wart removal. If it's less anti-aging related and more skin condition oriented?that you'd like to try cryotherapy, the Fitzwilliam Private Clinic offer a range of options and a free cryotherapy consultation.

If you're keen to try this treatment from a cosmetic perspective, The Cliff House Hotel offer an Anne Semonin Eternal Youth Cryotherapy Facial, 55 mins for €110 which they describe as 'a superior anti-ageing and skin-brightening facial that chills the skin's surface to restore radiance.'

Would you be open to this kind of treatment, given it's non-invasive nature?

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