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Face peels have come a long way since the Samantha-gets-a-chemical-peel days of SATC

Acids used in face peels, have come a long way from the Samantha-Gets-A-Chemical-Peel SATC days (that was 12 years ago, who would believe it!) Derived from the harmless sugar cane, Glycolic acids, simply put, eat through and dissolve the net of dead skin cells that sits all over your face, dulling the complexion and stopping all those lovely creams you slather on from sinking properly into the skin and doing their job right.

So, with the sun splitting the stones, (probably not the best time to road-test skin sensitising acids), we snuggled under the duvet in the Harvey Nichols treatment rooms in Dundrum, to trial out Irish brand, SKINICIAN?S new signature treatment, the Age Delay Peel.


With cleansing and toning out of the way,? a light layer of a 10% glycolic acid solution was brushed on, which tingled as it nibbled, pac-man style, it's way, layer deep, through old skin.

After it was gently removed with a facecloth before application of a calming, Vitamin E based neutraliser. Skin felt a little hot but the?Hydrating Repair Mask, soon calmed it down, which was left soak in as the therapist administered a blissful scalp massage.


The one-hour treatment was over too soon. As I made a dash to the carpark, coated in SKINICIAN's?professional products, I caught a glimpse of my skin in the shop windows; dewy, smooth and just a little bit red, not a bad post-peel payoff.

If you do decide to take the plunge, aftercare is important; no make-up for'six hours?following treatment, wear an SPF, rest up on the retinoids for a few days and don't be alarmed if a few spots rear their ugly heads, it's to be expected. Most importantly look forward to your refreshed skin reveal.

SKINICIAN Age Delay Peel treatment is on offer from May 28th and 29th in Harvey Nichols and cost €50, which is redeemable against SKINICIAN products purchased on the. Also available selected salons nationwide,?skinician.com.

Liz Dwyer @beautybootcamp1

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