Is your lash serum not working? This could be why...

There's little to no point spending upwards of €50 on lash serum only for it not to work. Here's the one thing I learned when trialling the best of them...

I'm in a very serious, committed and long-term relationship. With lash extensions. Sure, at times, it's toxic. We don't always get along. When it's good, it's GREAT. When it's bad... Well. I sometimes have to look elsewhere for the support I need.

Why do children have amazing lashes?!

No matter how great you are at lash maintenance, be that natural lashes or lash extensions, unless you are genetically blessed with amazing lashes - nay, with the lashes ALL baby boys seem to get. And for what?! To blink at other tiny babies?! - you may at some point reach for a lash serum.


The first time I needed to try a lash serum, I was positively aghast at the price of them. None for less than €50 - I thought I was being Punk'd (if you're too young to know what that is, hit Google up for the Justin Timberlake episode to see a grown man cry).

What am I doing wrong?

But I gave in, bought one, and found to my absolute dismay that it didn't work. What was I doing wrong?!

Well. I have tried three in my days as a beauty editor. All three; Image Skincare Brow and Lash Enhancement Serum, iGlow and Mavala Double Lash; required me to do just one thing to make them work, which eventually they all did.

Mavala Double Lash, €18.60


Image Skincare Brow and Lash Enhancement Serum, €64

iGlow Long Lashes Serum, €59

The trick 

Yep, all of the above worked eventually (put it this way - the one for €64 was the best, worked the quickest and didn't irritate my sensitive eyes, but the €18.60 worked too, it just took a good bit longer - if you have time, get the cheaper one. If you have €€€ get the spendy one).

But the trick to make them all work? One word: Consistency. You need to use them every night, on clean lashes, and never miss a night. If you do that for a month, two months, three months? You'll see a difference, I'd bet my eyelashes on it


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