This is how eyelash extensions kept my crows feet at bay

How could getting eyelash extensions possibly help alleviate those pesky lines around your eyes? Well, according to several skin specialists who've examined my skin, they do!

[Note: Needless to say, the lady pictured (above) is not me. If I had limbal rings that size I'd be off on the Victoria's Secret catwalk surely. I digress.]

I started getting lash extensions about four years ago. Instantly addicted, I loved the already-made-up head start they gave me every morning. Without doing anything other than putting on some moisturiser and SPF, I looked prepped and ready for the day.

Without them, my completely blonde eyelashes blended into my skin colour, making me look tired. Without them, I'd have to apply mascara - the only part of the getting 'done up' process that I loathe.


Since then, I've gone from being 26 to 30 (showing off my impressive addition skills there) and in spite of it all, my crows feet have stayed pretty much where they were when I was 26.

Luck? Or something else?

I just assumed I was lucky. I figured all that eye cream I used was finally paying off. Until I had a facial late last year. I had no lashes on at the time, and the facialist asked me: "Do you regularly wear eyelash extensions? Because your eye area is at almost 100% hydration, which is great."

I confirmed, somewhat confused, that yes, I wear them all the time. She explained that because I wouldn't have been washing vigorously around my eyes, using eye makeup remover often or applying drying makeup close to the area while still using eye cream products, I had managed to keep that area younger looking.

It makes sense

Thinking about it now, it makes sense. Less friction, fewer products, protection using SPF and eye cream (staples for me - and should be for you!) all meant my crows feet were suspended in time. I'm absolutely certain they will catch back up with me - and soon - but for now, I'm enjoying having an extremely hydrated eye area. And if I had a Tinder bio, that'd be the opening line.

Having said that...


I have also been using eye cream since I was 19. I was in college when I met my pal Susie and she told me she'd been using eye cream since she was 18 on the advice of her stunningly gorgeous mother, so I felt compelled to row in with their eye cream passion. My favourite three, ever, are as follows:

  1. Clarins Multi Active Yeux, €42
  2. Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream, €28
  3. La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Yeux, €18.49

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