The expert guide to understanding the causes of acne and how to tackle it

Finding a skincare routine that works for you is difficult when you are dealing with acne

Chances are that if you're an acne sufferer, finding a skincare routine that reduces acne, allows the skin to heal, prevents new pimples, reduces and soothes irritation, let alone one that addresses the potential causes, has been a big part of your Google search history.

The best results, according to Dr Eithne Brenner, Medical Director at Manara Skin Clinics are when clinic professional treatments are coupled with a solid home care routine.

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Enter AlumierMD, a skincare brand with a mission to bring the most effective and efficient formulas on the market to the masses. Created by a team of PhD biochemists, physicians and skin specialists – they don’t do what’s easy, they do what’s right. Their highly educated AlumierMD professionals will guide you to the help you need, with home care products and professional treatments that work synergistically to improve the health and beauty of skin. AlumierMD products are created using innovative ingredients at optimal levels and no less than five advanced delivery systems. The result is medical grade formulations using multifaceted, results-oriented skincare molecules. They address the troublesome issues with skincare then create innovative ways to remove these obstacles.

With products like Acne Balancing Serum and Acne Clarifying Cleanser to help soothe, prevent, reduce and heal acne pimples, AlumierMD has a full range of skincare products formulated to relieve acne sufferers, plus address the underlying causes.

Dr Eithne Brenner, Medical Director at Manara Skin Clinics explains the causes of acne and the AlumierMD products you need in your arsenal to tackle it. 

What are the causes of acne?

Acne is a common distressing skin condition that affects most of us at one time or another. It is caused by a complex interplay of hormones, inflammation and genes, and it needs a combination approach to treat the active signs, prevent scarring, and treat scarring if present. Many of us have only tried a single approach leading to poor results and frustration. I get the best results when I combine in clinic professional treatments with a solid home care routine. There’s no quick fix, but a combination approach gets great results with consistent use over time.

What are the different forms of acne?

A common trigger for acne is hormones, such as the surge that occurs at puberty. We see more and more acne in adult women too, and this can significantly damage self-esteem. We know stress also plays a part, and we’re less sure how important diet is as studies are ongoing. All types of acne, whatever the trigger, have several factors in common: the cells lining the pores overgrow and excess sebum binds these dead cells together, leading to clogging of the pores, increasing bacterial levels, and this leads to inflammation and potential scarring. The key is to avoid inflammation by treating the skin very gently with effective ingredients, and not squeezing spots or over scrubbing the skin which can lead to more inflammation, and potential scarring.

How can you tackle acne and which specific ingredients help?

The reason we’ve used AlumierMD products in our clinics for several years is that they target all elements of the condition synergistically, and we find that the combination of professional and home care options work very well together. One of their hero acne products is salicylic acid, which is lipid-soluble and can penetrate pores and unclog them. This reduces inflammation and allows the active ingredients to treat the acne and calm the skin. AlumierMD’s salicylic acid is micro-encapsulated meaning it releases slowly, which reduces irritation and allows a longer duration of effect. Their acne products are packed with smart, effective ingredients, such as hinokitiol and antioxidants which calm and soothe the skin, while the active ingredients tackle the root features of acne. Often people with acne over scrub their skin leading to further inflammation. They still need moisture, and this can be delivered with ultra-light moisturisers such as HydraClarité, again packed with antioxidants and calming ingredients. Sodium hyaluronate delivers softness and hydration. Sun protection is key too, to shield the skin against UV damage (and wrinkles too). To get the best results for acne, a consistent skincare routine with active ingredients that’s also gentle on the skin is the key, and AlumierMD delivers that for us.

Visit a trained AlumierMD professional to discover how you can reach your unique skincare goals. They’ll provide a full skincare consultation and build a bespoke routine, tailored to your individual needs. Find your nearest professional at

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