Everything you need to know about sleep-in face masks

Sometimes, even when you're religiously following your skincare routine, your skin can just feel thirsty. All your usual go-to products just don't seem to be cutting it and your skin needs more of a drink than usual. Enter the realm of the sleep-in face mask: a turbo-charged moisture mask that sinks into the skin as you sleep.

When to use?

Dry skin will especially love these masks as they provide almost instant relief to tight, lacklustre skin. However, oilier skin types may be wary of sleeping in something so rich for fear of break-outs, so go light on the application for the first time. Personally, I have acne prone skin and have never broken out using one, as I only reach for a sleep-in mask when I really need it. As they're not for daily use, stick to using these types of products when your skin is super dehydrated and in need of some extra TLC. They are also a great rescue for hungover, tired faces and you'll wake up looking rejuvenated.

How do they work?

Use a sleep-in face mask as you would your night cream in the evening. Cleanse your face as normal, and if you go in with serums and oils be very light with these or skip them completely (this all just depends on how much moisture your skin needs). Then layer on a generous amount of your chosen mask, try to apply it at least 15 minutes before you go to bed as the last thing you want is your hard earned money sinking into your pillowcase instead of your skin!


Stay hydrated when you fly

One of the best times to use this type of product is when flying. As cabin air is so dry your skin can feel tight and uncomfortable, so locking in the hydration is key to looking your best when you land. We've all seen the Instagram posts of people wearing sheet masks on long-haul flights but if you don't want to scare everyone on board this is a great alternative. They are easily decanted into small pots and not messy at all to apply at 10,000 feet up.

Which ones do we rate?


Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask; €30.00 at Arnotts

This is something of a cult classic now and for good reason. Don't be put off by the slightly sticky texture on the application. Once it sinks in, it literally feels like a drink for the skin. It also smells unbelievable, which makes using it feel even more luxurious.Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream 50ml; €30.00 at Marks and Spencer


Another option is the Ultimate Sleep Mask from the Marks and Spencer Formula Absolute range. A favourite of IMAGE Beauty Editor Holly O'Neill and a winner of an IMAGE Beauty Award, it promises to plump and calm the skin as you sleep. Last year, this had a waiting list of  7,500 people and the reviews were only positive, so expect big things. An uber-intensive cream pumped with hyaluronic acid, this is almost guaranteed to give you back your glow.

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