Everything to Know About Winter 2015 Nail Trends

Can you tell your 'squoval? from your 'square-letto?? Mani-queen and Sally Hansen global colour ambassador Madeline Poole gives Melanie Morris the lowdown on this season's hottest nail trends.

What are the key trends for winter 2015?
Metallic shades of deep blue, turquoise and purple, with metallics, golds and coppers becoming a huge global trend. We saw it in New York, London, Milan and Paris. I especially loved the reflective metallic turquoise at Karen Walker and the beautiful gunmetal nails at John Richmond. Texture was so important in the clothes this season. In fashion, and in nails, it is all about layering this season.

What's the hottest nail shape right now?
Short "squoval" and lightly rounded nails are really hot at the moment. We are seeing a departure from the pointier, almond and dagger-shaped nails to a more squared-off tip with rounded edges. "Square-letto", a slender, tapered square, again with soft edges - nothing too drastically square - is quite popular.

Nail art - Dead or Evolving?
There was certainly a lull for a while, but it's now evolved into a more sophisticated aesthetic. For an everyday look, the best thing to start with is negative space. This way, you can still use a colour you're comfortable with, like a classic deep red, and incorporate your own skin tone as part of the design. The negative space modernises a common colour. Always take your look a step back before you add another element or applique?. The simpler the nail, the bigger the visual impact.

Which celebrity gets her mani right?
Rihanna is the ultimate nail idol. She was the first person I saw with "square-letto" nails. She is definitely responsible for setting trends in colour and shape.


For a really good nude nail, what should you do?
Nude nails can be tricky. If you have issues finding the correct colour for you (this is particularly hard with people who have pale or red-tinted skin tones), try using a less opaque nude, like Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Birthday Suit, as these semi-sheer colours will blend with your skin tone. I love a semi-sheer nude on a long almond, 'squoval? or rounded nail - I think this shape can be pulled off with any colour. On short nails, I don't recommend a fully opaque nude. If you want to try something like mannequin hands - a colour that has full coverage and matches your skin tone - this is best on a nail that has a bit of free edge, a bit of length.

For winter, what will be the perfect finishing touch to a party outfit?
Try a simple, tiny gold stud at the base or tip of the nail. Just a tiny detail to add a little holiday flare.

Here are 5 of Sally Hensen's nail polish suggestions for the upcoming season:
1. Chanel Le Vernis in Vert Obscur, €23.50

2. Olivia Palermo X Ciat? in Napa Valley, €17
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 16.04.27

3. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, €9.99

4. Alice & Olivia X Nails Inc. in Next to Nothing, €17

5. Creative Ultimate Nail Lacquer in It's A Very Berry Bash, €2.99
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