Everything to know about Tom Ford's Rose Prick perfume

A rose by any other name wouldn’t be Tom Ford.

With the newest Tom Ford Private Blend fragrance, the double entendre, headline-grabbing, scandalous Tom Ford scent strikes once more. We've had the candid Fucking Fabulous, Lost Cherry (wink, nudge) and now, Rose Prick.

Just in case you had any doubt about the salaciousness of this name, let me tell you that the press release for this scent makes it pretty clear. There's a whole lot of borderline obscene references, including "the slight pain that yields such sensual pleasure," "piercing prickles of the stems" and "the finish is so lovely it hurts, long after you pull out the thorn." Someone needs to put Tom Ford in a cold bath.

As you've gathered, Tom Ford has a thing for roses. He has his own rose garden, which inspired Rose Prick. Speaking of the scent, he said, "Rose Prick is a wild bouquet of intoxicating and rare hybrids. Sharp and pristine. Warm and sensual. A heady bouquet of blooms in pink perfection." Alright, Tom, we get it. You have the horn for roses.


The actual juice contains a trilogy of beautiful roses. There's Bulgarian rose at the heart of the scent, one of the rarest varieties of rose in the world, with over a million blossoms required to make one kilogram of rose oil. There's Rose de Mai, found in most of your favourite luxury rose-based scents, and the fruity Turkish rose.

Rose Prick opens with Bulgarian roses and Rose de Mai, with additional spicy Sichuan pepper and the zingy turmeric extract. There's also patchouli, woody chypre and warm and creamy roasted tonka and caramel, tolu balsam and musk. I haven't tried it, but reports from those who have on Parfumo (think boards.ie for perfume nerds – my favourite people) suggests it has great longevity.


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Of course, when it comes to Tom Ford, the exterior is just as important as the interior. It comes in a slick 50ml flacon and 250ml decanter. After Lost Cherry's clear red bottle and Fucking Fabulous' jet black, Rose Prick is a departure from the rest–it's a perfect, retro matte baby pink with sophisticated jet black label. Make room on your vanity.

Stuck for the perfect Valentine's Day present? A bouquet of roses doesn't say "I love you" as well as a Tom Ford Private Blend fragrance does.


Tom Ford Rose Prick launches this February. 

Photography by Tom Ford.

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