Everyone's Talking About MAC's New 'Basic B**ch' Beauty Palette

Remember when the female insult to quash them all was ?basic?? It was rather nasty and, in our opinion, fairly anti-women. In a nutshell, the word basic meant you weren't cool. ?And a basic bitch was a term derived of an Instagram-filtered illusion; a concept and rap term which became a 'thing' on social media. They're familiar to most: described as those Mean Girls who travelled around in packs, leading perfect lives with their Uggs and skinny Starbucks lattes. But boxing women into a derogatory?group is quite inexcusable and not nice, and so it was reclaimed, taken on as a new word of empowerment where Basic, meant the top of the game and the ultimate?queen ?- thanks to Lauren Conrad and Emma Stone.

And yet, there could be another upside to being branded with the label - if you're partial to a shiny, nude MAC eyeshadow palette, that is.

This gem of a palette was spotted backstage at Milan Fashion Week and introduced on Instagram by one of MAC's senior makeup artists,?Netta Szekely,?and has already generated considerable buzz on social media. Whatever about the name, it's certainly attention grabbing, and the palette itself looks beautiful - look at those colours:

Holding nine new shades and textures, including a shimmering silver called ?Tattle-Tale? and a rich burgundy called ?Hell in Heels?, as well as a large highlighter; the palette is designed to cater to your most basic beauty needs - and this is in no way a bad thing.


Rumours are suggesting that this won't land until August as it's still in testing mode but we've reached out to a representative, and we'll let you know as soon as we get a confirmation date.

Until then, start putting some pennies away for it.


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