Why Everyone Is Talking About Cacay Oil

Facial oils have seen a massive resurgence in popularity as of late; beauty experts now consider them a staple in terms of skincare. The common beauty myth that oil is the enemy as a heavy, greasy, pore-clogging substance has long gone; thanks to advances and the ability to refine oil we now have oils that are light as a feather (the consistency of water), very emollient and residue free. And if you're still nervous when it comes to using it on your skin, naturally derived oils such as coconut, grapeseed, and avocado are other alternatives to those that have been refined for cosmetic reasons. While there are many of these on the market already, Cacay?Oil is said to be?the next big variation to become popular thanks to its wide-ranging benefits.?Derived from the Amazon rain forest, Cacay oil is obtained by cold-pressing the nut kernels grown on the Cacay tree.

It's different because...

Number one, it's potency. It's loaded with?Vitamin A, ?contains three times more retinol than rosehip oil, 50% more vitamin E and twice the vitamin F of argan oil, so it's going to work twice as hard as the oils currently on the market. And because of all this, it's seen as a landmark natural oil for anti-ageing and fast restoration and healing of the skin. "People use the oil as an emollient in the treatment of skin irritations and burn injuries,? David Angelo, MD of Cacay Naturals told Get The Gloss.

It's usually used for...

The fading of stretch marks?and mild scarring of the skin. This is due to the high volume of vitamins, and essential fatty acids naturally present in Cacay oil are the perfect for healthy skin regeneration. If you have scars or stretch marks which you'd rather bid farewell, Cacay oil is said to be ideal for speeding up the healing process either in a pure form or a product - Amazon UK currently stock the?Cacay Naturals Face Oil (below right), which is said to be the business.?



Who should use it?

Cacay oil is extremely light in texture and absorbs very quickly so it should suit a range of skin types from dry onwards. It's also a favourite for those who aren't a fan of plant-based oils, which some say leaves the skin with a greasy?texture.

Would you be tempted to add this to your skincare routine?

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