How to encourage your brows to grow, according to 3 beauticians

Have you over-plucked your brows? We asked three Irish eyebrow artists for their expert advice on encouraging brow hairs to grow

Eyebrows are one of our most talked about beauty features – not just in Ireland, but internationally. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Lily James and Natalie Portman have made full, bushy brows trendy again – but many of us are still living with our thin, over-plucked brows from the early noughties and nineties.

While we may share a common goal of achieving the perfect tint and shape for our faces, it’s easier said than done. We asked three of Ireland’s leading eyebrow artists for their expert advice on encouraging brow growth. Here’s what they said:

Julia Vilka at Make-Up and Brows by Julia Vilka


“By plucking your brows you are thinning them out, so stop over-plucking and give them a few months to grow back. Be gentle with your brows – don’t scrub or rub them with harsh towels. Brow hair is very delicate and you can damage the follicles very easily.”

Photo: Instagram @julia_vilka_brow_artist

Maura Healy at Elysian Brows

"The best way to encourage brow growth is to arrange a consultation with a brow specialist so that they can put a growth plan in place for you. They can show you where your ideal shape lies and the best ways to achieve this shape. Visit your brow specialist every four to six weeks, and over the course of 3-6 months, you should notice big changes. I regularly encourage clients with weak brows to massage their brows with Revitabrow growth serum every night. It takes about four weeks to see a difference but the results are amazing. A silk pillowcase or silk eye-mask is essential to prevent weakening of the brow from friction on cotton. I recommend Slip pillowcases on Net-a-Porter."

Photo: Instagram @Elysianbrows

Noella Geoghehan at The Brow Artist

"Encouraging brow hairs to grow takes time and patience. Firstly, you need to put the tweezers away. I’ve always found castor oil and coconut oil are the most inexpensive, effective products to begin with. If you’ve had your brows tinted recently, wait until the tint has faded before applying an oil, as it will remove the tint from the skin. By massaging the oils into the brow hair and skin nightly, you will benefit from their nutrients – antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E. These work together to boost hair growth, regrowth and to condition the existing hairs. Depending on the results from the oil, you may want to invest in a growth serum. There are many growth serums (such as Revitabrow) on the market that are scientifically engineered to stimulate growth and extend the life-cycle of the hair. Consistency is key with these serums, so having established a good routine with an oil beforehand will mean you get the optimal results."


Photo: Instagram @the_brow_artist


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