Embrace The Lob

Summer's chicest haircut has a coterie of celebrities convincing us to go for the longish chop...

It's actually quite difficult to do chic hair in the summer. Sun holidays and subsequent dry ends imbue that ballayage top-up with layers of regret. Any last-minute cheap beach resort deal you score may endanger your highlights. The winter fringe you're growing out? Fraying your nerves and the temptation to just surrender to a lunchtime trim is strong. The constant drizzle of June renders pre-morning commute prep an exercise in futility. It's enough to make you just give up. Give up a few inches of hair that is.

The ?lob? is the latest do and portmanteau that is taking the hairstyling world by manageable storm. This long bob is cool, classy and doesn't ask too much of its owner with the cut resting just above the shoulder. We like to call this length the ?newscaster? as it's sleek with a hint of good sense. Middle England took its cue from Pippa Middleton as she stepped out in a lob last month at an event. Kylie Jenner lends it festival edge with some pastel colouring - see also Nicole Ritchie for the lob's selfie potential. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon showcase the versatility of this in-between cut for the non-tomboy types while Emma Stone and Karlie Kloss show it up as milestone in-you-twenties style.


However we think comedy writer and actress Mindy Kaling is working this whole trend the best of all, mainly for the ?I am a real woman, hear me roar? justification she wrote under her Instagram snap debuting the shorter cut, ?See ya sweaty neck, I've got work to do.?

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