Four reasons why I've swapped bonded hair extensions for clip-ins

If you're on the look-out for hair extensions to volumise and/or lengthen your hair, without restricting the styles you can create, these Easilocks HD clip-ins from are for you

My hair is naturally thin, and while I'm fine with it on a day-to-day basis, it's something I'm self-conscious of on nights out. That's where hair extensions come in.

Extensions help me feel better about myself; more comfortable and confident (and if you ask me, self-confidence is worth more than anything). Until recently, I only used bonded extensions, but I grew tired of the lack of flexibility. Once they're in, they're in – and I wanted more freedom to mix and match my styles.

For that reason, I recently switched to the Cheryl x Easilocks clip-in hair extensions range. Here are four reasons why I'll never look back.


Memory fibre

I've been using the luxury Cheryl x Easilocks hair extensions range, which was one year in the making. Made from the finest quality HD fibre hair (which looks as natural as human hair), it is designed with technological advances allowing the hair to perform to a superior level.

It's the only range with built-in memory fibre; which means the hair pieces return to their original state after washing, without any heat styling. For example, when the straight piece is washed, it will dry back straight; and when the wavy piece is washed, it will dry back wavy.

I can simply brush the hairpiece and allow it to dry naturally (or rough dry it if under time pressure), and the piece will morph back to its original state.


Minimum heat damage

As the hair extensions revert to their original state (be it straight or wavy), there's less of a need for heat styling tools; ultimately reducing the risk of heat damage. What's more, it prolongs the life of your hair and means you've far less work to do (no more wasting time with the hair straightener).


That being said, if you want to use heated styling tools, you can. The HD fibre hair can be shampooed, blow-dried and straightened with heat up to 180 degrees Celsius, so the style options are endless.


One of the main reasons I've switched to the Cheryl x Easilocks range is the wide range of styles I can choose from. Each box includes a six-in-one product, consisting of both the wonder waves and silky-smooth styles, in both short and long lengths.

It gives me the choice of six salon-worthy styles (without needing to visit the salon at all). They're also suitable to mix and match, with the option to wear both short and long hairpieces together for maximum volume and effect.

What's more, both the short and wavy styles come with four side pieces which can be worn separately or together.

Easilocks clip in hair extensions

Colour match


The Cheryl x Easilocks range is available in 16 different hair shades, with lengths of 22 inches for the longer piece and 16 inches for the shorter piece.

If you're unsure of what colour you want, you can DM (direct message) the Easilocks team on Instagram @Easilockshair to receive a colour match (it doesn't get much simpler than that).

Easilocks' HD clip-in hair extensions are available to buy from and Easilocks' salons nationwide now.

Photos: Easilocks

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