This ?7 Foundation Has A 25,000 Person Waiting List

Budget foundations are coming into a league of their own. A reduced price doesn't mean skimping on quality and the proof is in this (well, and these) newest gem from?The Ordinary (purveyors of?brilliant, faff-free skincare). Rejoice because they are launching two foundations: The Coverage Foundation, a highly pigmented base to give you full coverage and The Serum Foundation, one for moderate coverage?with a light, serum-like texture.

If the price doesn't make you keen - can you beat €6.90 (for the serum) and €6.67 (for the full coverage) per bottle? We think not - the fact that it's a genuinely great product with excellent colour options for the palest of pale will make you want to purchase many bottles. But, word has gotten around the beauty-based campfire that this is the new 'it' foundation - with the rumour that 25,000 are on the waiting list.

So what exactly is it that makes it so special? The Ordinary is?beloved by beauty experts?for their use of high-tech?ingredients, and ethical production?practices and they are a favourite of industry pros. They are also made so you can find an exact shade match. Each of the two foundations is?available?in 21 colours?over three categories. It's 1 for fair to light tones, 2 for medium tones and 3 for darker tones. A second number designates the depth of the shade from 0 (the palest) to 3 (the darkest), and then, a letter P (pink), R?(red), Y (yellow)?and N (neutral)?indicate your undertone. ?So, for example, I'm?1.0N which is Very Fair.


Out of the two, my favourite is The Serum Foundation. ?It's a semi-matte, natural finish and you'll see your skin underneath - exactly what a day foundation should do.

You can order the foundation HERE

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