Dry Skin Saviour: Clarins New Hydra-Essentiel Range

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Today's modern woman is constantly on the go. She has little time to waste on a daily basis thanks to a seemingly never-ending to-do list and even less time to devote to herself and her skincare regime. But while she does want to look after her skin, she doesn't want the hassle of having to constantly change brands to find The One. Instead, she needs a brand which is willing to devote itself to ensuring their products effortlessly and effectively meet her skin and its needs ?- no matter where in the world she may be. Clarins is this brand; the one that, once you find it, you'll never let get away.

Their core aim is to listen to the wishes of the everyday woman?and to anticipate and deliver products that will change her skin for the better. And with the launch of their newest, innovative Hydra-Essentiel?range, they've successfully tapped into combatting the one issue met by every woman, everywhere, at some point in their lives: dry skin. It is the skincare bane of millions of women, simply caused by being out in the elements.

Heat, cold, pollution, stress and sudden changes in temperature and humidity?all cause the skin to become noticeably de-hydrated. After studying climate and its impact on skin hydration, Clarins Research highlighted a new dehydration factor linked to our modern lifestyle - the sudden changes in temperature and humidity we are exposed to on a daily basis. And?if the skin is constantly quenched of thirst, it can't ever hope to stay fresh, smooth, radiant or?perfectly moisturised - a key beauty concern for all women - therefore, hydration is its most important requirement. There's a reason Clarins'?Hydra-Essentiel?range is touted as one of the most anticipated, key beauty launches of 2017: it gives your skin all this (and much more) in its two newest icy-blue jars.


What exactly does?Hydra-Essentiel range do for the skin?


Firstly, this Hydra range has been 49 years in the making; Clarins know, quite unlike any other, how to moisturise the skin but now they want to take it a step further, using products to enhance and work in tandem?with the natural elements of the skin. Both the?Silky Cream + Bi-phase Serum act as a super-quenching duo; designed to retain moisture and power the skin's natural hydration to keep it intensely moisturised in any circumstance - be it wind, rain or shine. So it's not overloading your skin with extra ingredients, it's working with and enhancing what is already there - this is what makes the range so innovative and unique. Used together or a regular basis, 90 percent of women, said both products left their skin perfectly hydrated, so you too can wave adieu to dry, tight, flaky skin and say hello to intensively hydrated, moisture-quenched, radiant skin.


The Science bit: what goes into the range??

The scientific element of ingredients is central to the final products.

We were lucky enough to speak to one of the most fascinating women behind the brand, Clarins' Scientific Communication Manager Caroline Camuzat, who explained more about the product and what drew her to working with a renowned team of fellow experts.?Her role is to facilitate communication between Research and Design and the Marketing, Communication and PR teams - she is the scientific "interface" which makes sure the product that reaches the client completely meets her needs - it is this that intrigued her about the brand; that opportunity to work closer with the client.

What interested you in working for Clarins?


Clarins' Scientific Communication Manager Caroline Camuzat

Personally, I am sensitive to the values of the brand, especially the bio-inspiration and the sustainable beauty approach, which are part of the DNA of Clarins and the new Hydra range perfectly illustrates that.

Tell us about the natural product that inspired the Hydra Essentiel Range?

For the newest Hydra range, we discovered what is known as the Leaf of Life. This leaf is a fascinating example of self-hydration - it can survive in extremely dry weather conditions in Madagascar; retaining its full water despite being exposed to sudden changes in temperature. The plant's survival strategy which we studied in-depth, inspired our scientists at Clarins for the new?Hydra-Essentiel range - the organic leaf of life extract in the products powers the skin's natural hydration at all skin levels, by boosting the production of water-retaining 'sponge molecules? such as hyaluronic acid. And by helping the skin to restore its own various water reserves, this leaf of life extract encourages optimal skin moisturisation. Our skin is quite similar to plants, but is isn't as efficient when it comes to adapting to different environments, so we need plant extracts to help this process.

What kind of woman needs to use?Hydra Essentiel products?


In my opinion, every woman can be concerned about hydration as it's the skin's most basic need. When you look at the products in this range, they all hydrate so the main function of?Hydra Essentiel is that it's the hydration expert. So anyone who suffers from skin roughness, fine lines from dehydration. It's for every woman of all ages, and it meets all ranges of skin textures, depending on your skin type - with different creams tailored to meet each of these - and what you'd like to apply on your skin.


What, in your opinion, is the most exciting innovation for Clarins?

Being part of the millennial generation, I am especially fond of the scientific concept of the new Multi-Active creams, which launched at the beginning of 2016. It's a must-have for all women over thirty that want to fight premature ageing induced by stress and lack of sleep so, for me, thanks, to my hectic lifestyle, it's the only cosmetic solution to take care of my skin. ?It takes 4-5 years to get these creams on the shelf and we're continually investigating and looking for new discoveries.

What makes Clarins stand out in the beauty industry now?

The unique approach of bio-inspiration and plant extracts and the use of organic products is one of the tremendous assets developed by Clarins Phytochemists - it's new and innovative for us. Over the years, nature has found all the solutions to survive and to adapt to new environments and aggressors - it is the strongest and oldest research and development method having been in existence for 4 billion years and for us, this is an endless source of inspiration when it comes to selecting new plant extracts and to develop unpublished skin care innovations.

What is the future for Clarins?

To think about tomorrow,?we have to anticipate the needs of every woman today, whatever her country and her culture. We do a lot of studies into their lifestyle, expectations and beauty wishes and we also set up international collaborations, to analyse from a scientific point of view the specificities of the skin according to the ethnicities of women all over the world. This fundamental approach allows us to develop unique products taking into account the ultimate needs and wishes of women all over the world.

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