How to get gently sunkissed summer skin

With the sun yet to make a proper appearance this summer (and of course, the importance of protecting our skin when it does), there's not much of a chance of a natural tan this year. But with so many bottled options on the market out there for a summer glow, there's no excuse for not creating your own at home.

It goes without saying that we'd much rather the gently sunkissed look over the stained orange tan that so often happens. But while so many fake tans can be tricky to apply and to give a natural colour, choosing a gradual tanner is the perfect option for a natural glow. By applying it regularly and building up colour day by day, you can keep your tan to a natural and even glow, without ever going overboard into orange territory.

Dove gradual tanners have been a favourite of Irish sun seekers for years, and for good reason — their unique blend of Cell-Moisturisers (key moisturizing actives compressed from natural seed oils) with natural tanners creates a pampering lotion that leaves skin glowing and full of moisture. You can build your glow over time, leaving your skin looking and feeling nourished and cared for.

Summer Revived


Dove Skin Summer Revived range comes in three shades — fair to medium and medium to dark skin, so you can choose the shade that best suits your natural skin tone. It also comes in a shimmer shade, for a perfect glowing finish. The range combines the luxurious sensory experience of a spa with all the expertise of dermatological care, and is even suitable for sensitive skin.


For the best tanning application, moisturising is key — but when your tan is already a moisturiser, it makes the entire process easier and far more natural. Simply use sweeping, circular movements to rub in your tanning lotion and try to give it at least half an hour to sink in before you get dressed for a nice, even finish. Voila: glowing, sun-kissed skin, whatever the weather.

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