Do lash extensions really weaken your natural ones? These experts bust common beauty myths

Contemplating eyelash extensions or PhiBrows? We asked Burgundy Beauty's experts about the latest lash and brow treatments and how they truly affect your natural ones.

When it comes to eyebrow and eyelash services, there are beauty myths galore.

We've seen gorgeous before and after pics of long lash extensions and thick, shaped brows, but the process of these latest treatments are still unclear to most.

We asked Burgundy Beauty's lash tech Ciara Nolan and brow artist Amy McGuinness the most commonly asked questions when it comes to lash extensions, HD brows and PhiBrows, like how much upkeep each requires and which is best for various brow types.


Here, they answer the tough questions and bust common beauty myths.

Eyelash extensions

Do lash extensions really weaken your natural ones?

“No. Once lash extensions are applied correctly and with care, no damage is done to the natural lash. Choosing the right lengths and thicknesses are essential in preventing damage.”

Does it hurt to get them put on or get them filled?

“No, having the lashes applied can be a very relaxing experience. There should be no irritation or discomfort. Like waxing, a mandatory patch test is required 48 hours before the treatment to ensure no reaction.


“Once you have followed the aftercare advice (no mascara, no pulling at the lashes), refills are just as comfortable an experience, just a shorter time.”

Do extensions work on straight lashes? 

“You can most certainly tell your lash stylist what look you would like to achieve for your lashes, but you will be advised by your stylist what is best for your natural lashes and your eye shape and what will work best to achieve your desired look.

“There are different curls available in the lash extensions that are suitable for the straighter natural lash. However, you can choose to have the LVL (length, volume, lift) treatment to give length, volume and a curl to your natural lashes.”

HD Brows, PhiBrows and Brow Shading

How long do HD brows last? Do they dye your skin? 


“Shape can last up to four to six weeks depending on clients’ hair regrowth, and tint can last just as long also depending on each individual and how porous their hair is. 

“Because the tint is applied over the brows a small tint of colour can latch onto the skin directly under the brow, this isn’t permanent and will lift after a few days. A patch test is required 48 hours prior to HD brows.” 

How do I know which brow style is right for me? 

“Consultation. A consultation is key to determining what will work best for each individual, depending on what result they want.

“HD brows are great for those who have a fuller brow and are looking to achieve a particular shape. 

“Phi brows are semi-permanent and give a hyper realistic look of individual brow strokes, so for those who want a longer lasting natural look, this is perfect for them.

“Brow shading is ideal for clients that like a fuller looking brow style. Ideal for those who fill in their brows everyday. Shading gives more coverage to the brows and is also semi-permanent.”



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