Ditch the five mascaras in your handbag - we've found the one

How many mascaras have you tried to commit to? How many are floating around your handbag at this moment? Possibly one for volume, another for length, another for the excellent brush.

In the March issue of IMAGE, IMAGE editor Rosaleen McMeel muses over her many break-ups with mascara because of her wandering eyes but settles on a new seductress that covers all her bases.

What is it you look for in a mascara?

A brush that covers every lash, a formula that doesn’t stick all of your lashes together so you end up with three lashes on each eye and enough length to make someone ask you where you get your semi-permanent lashes done. And of course, no clumping, crumbling, flaking or leaking. We’re not asking for much.

The brand that boasts owning the number-one-selling and number-two-selling prestige mascaras have a new addition to cover all these needs. With mascara world domination already under the belt for Benefit Cosmetics with They’re Real! and Roller Lash, this time, they’ve entered a new stratosphere with BADgal BANG!


BADgal Bang!

“Gravity-defying” is a bold claim, especially while BADgal Bang! is of this Earth and must adhere to the rules. The real trick here is the formula, a formula that boldly goes where no mascara has gone before.

It promises 36 hours of full-blast volumising mascara, the truth of which you should never attempt to find out because you take your make-up off at night, right? A claim we can absolutely back up is the weightless volume, lusciously lengthy and lifted lashes, and an innovative brush that will rival all others.

The brush features 300 soft half cone-shaped bristles which makes layering easy, reaching each lash from root-to-tip and corner to corner with foolproof efficiency.

The formula inside hits all the-dream-mascara touchpoints too, including being waterproof and infused with Pro-Vitamin B to nourish lashes. What really sets this apart is an ingredient that is truly out of this world – aeroparticles. It's one of the lightest known materials and derived from space technology because the lighter the mascara equals the more volume you have.

That’s what really makes this BADgal bang.


Benefit BADgal Bang! mascara, €27, is available now at benefitcosmetics.com/ie  or your nearest Benefit boutique or counter.

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