Discovery sets that give you a great brand introduction (without the investment)

Buying discovery sets might not have even crossed your mind but if you're thinking of investing in new beauty, it could be the best way to trial a new brand 

I would never have thought to buy a discovery set, until I saw Codex had one. I knew I wanted to try more of their range (having loved their Facial Oil) and this seemed like the best idea — particularly because I know Codex isn't exactly a budget skincare brand. Likewise brands like the ones below — Dr Barbara Sturm, Neom and Laboratory Perfumes aren't cheap investments if you're on any sort of budget, so a discovery set can be the perfect introduction to a brand, letting you try what you like and find what you don't. That way, when you make an investment in a full-size product, you know you already like it.

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Laboratory Perfumes Discovery Fragrance Set, €18.50 


Available in Brown Thomas for a time, and online, Laboratory Perfumes is a tiny company meaning each bottle is personal. As a result, they're quite spendy but in order to find out which you like before investing in something as subjective as fragrance, they've got their discovery set. This is also handy for gift buying — buy a discovery set and a voucher, and let the recipient decide for themselves which they want to spend the big money on.discovery sets

Neom Organics Wellbeing Discovery Set, €44.64 

Sometimes investing in pricy wellbeing products seems like a total overindulgence (it's not, obviously, but it can feel that way — I encourage overindulgence in fancy beauty bits). Trying this taster kit from Neom is the right way to decide which product made you feel well, so you can make the bigger purchase.

discovery sets

Dr Barbara Sturm Discovery Set, €122

This travel-friendly seven-piece set gives you a decent intro into the products of Dr Barbara Sturm, skincare to the stars. The body cream, the cleanser and the facial scrub are three I loved trying but could I afford to ever buy all? In my dreams!

discovery sets


Codex Beauty Bia Discovery Set, €50 

Codex and Bia Beauty fused recently to make this incredible and truly next-generation skincare brand. It's luxury and four of the Bia range are available to trial in this set, including the hero product, Bia Superfood.

Photography by @codexbeauty.

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