Diane Kruger Had A Home Hair Colour Disaster

Remember the time you accidentally dyed your hair red/orange? No? Lucky you (blonde roots was as close as this brunette writer got to it), because that's probably what the friends of actress Diane Kruger will be recounting for quite a while. In today's dose of celebrities-are-real-people-too, the usually flawless star recounted a hair faux pas we've all committed at one point: a botched DIY colour job.

Earlier this month, the actress hit the red carpet for the God's Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards with a decidedly strawberry mane - a noticeable change from her signature honey-blonde hue. But apparently, this foray into the copper-toned territory (which incidentally, really suits her) was the not-so-intentional result of a gloss application bought in your average pharmacy (she gets extra points for remembering to dye her brows the same colour):

Diane K

"I hadn't coloured my hair in six months, and I had been away working for two months," Kruger explained in an interview. "I'm in New York, and it looked a little dull, so I just thought, I'll go to CVS and buy a gloss. Only it turned my hair a dark mud brown (an almost red orange)."

And just like a scene from a clich'd Hollywood film (and not generally an option for us mere mortals), famed stylist to the stars Serge Normant swooped in to save her locks.


"Serge Normant literally saved me," Kruger said. "And now it's still slightly red, but it's getting better. I have to keep going back. The woman at the salon who is helping me said it's going to take three visits."

We've all been there, but luckily for Kruger, her unintended colour change worked for her (and yes, having a hairdresser on call undoubtedly helps too), but many a celebrity has ventured down the wrong path when it comes to hair colour. She isn't the first and won't be the last. Just google 90s' hair and you'll see'many examples.

Have you had a DIY colour disaster you'd care to forget?

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