Desert Island Beauty Bag: What would Triona McCarthy bring?

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Beauty journalist, TV personality Triona McCarthy is venturing on a hypothetical holiday to a remote desert island. She can bring as many (or as few) beauty products as she likes – providing they don’t exceed her €100 budget. So what will the Cork-native choose?

“Oh wow!” Triona says. “Stranded on a dessert island, that would be amazing - thank you! I love desserts – in fact when I eat out, I always read the dessert part of the menu first. Sorry what? A desert island! Oh right, sorry about that, I’m deaf in one ear, I heard dessert. #MortoForMe.

“Okay so, I’m on a deserted island, sure I’d love that as well – I love my own company and rarely get to hang out with myself. I’m thinking palm trees and coconuts so of course I’d have an oul go of making my own coconut oil and that would work wonders on my hair and nails and skin."


La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid SPF 50, €14.82

I suppose SPF would be the most important product. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid SPF 50, the tinted one, would work as a little goes a long way. Actually, every dermatologist I’ve ever interviewed adores LRP! This is a lightweight, broad-spectrum sunscreen that’s scent-free and won’t clog my pores. It has the famous thermal spring water, which is good for ould was like myself! 

Wunder2 Prime & Behold, €19.95

I’m really into Wunder2 Prime & Behold at the moment, from the peeps that brought us the infamous Wunderbrow. This little darling does triple duty as a smudge-proof make-up primer, a crease-free holographic colour base AND a liquid highlighter. I use it on my lips, cheeks, and eyelids because get this, any colour applied over it becomes waterproof and transfer-proof for up to 24 hours! As if by magic.

Nars Multiple (Mini), €33


So then I’d have to have my Orgasm. By Nars, sillies. The iconic Nars Multiple again works on lips, cheeks, eyes, décolletage, legs etc. My TOP TIP: It’s very buildable so if you want a sheer colour, blend it on with wet fingers and for a more intense colour, blend it in with the heat of your fingers.

Armani’s Eye & Brow Maestro, €35

Armani’s Eye & Brow Maestro is another favourite multi-purpose product. Not only can it be used on eyebrows but it also works as an eyeliner, an eyeshadow AND best of all, given my propensity for silver highlights, I can also use it on my hairline to cover those rogue hairline greys.

ByBi Babe Balm, €21


I think I’d be feeling at one with nature on the island, so I’d need a pot of ByBi Babe Balm as its vegan and a 100% natural product. Feck it, I could eat it if I had to! The peachy scented balm work as a make-up cleanser, even breaking down mascara. It also moisturises your lashes and face in the process. Or smother it on for five minutes as a glow-inducing mask. Very useful on the flight home too!

Total spend €123.77 – slightly over budget, but some things are just too good to leave behind, eh Triona?

As we all know, life is about more than just beauty. So if Triona could bring just one additional luxury item, she says it would have to be, “Some sort of fancy satellite phone with built in GPS and unlimited data. Not only would it keep me in touch with Will, Maxi and Mini till I’m rescued, I’d finally get around to writing a book on it – although knowing me, I’d probably just look at NetaPorter, Instagram and Dr Pimple Popper on YouTube because I’m v cultured dontcha know."



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