In defence of the Resting Bitch Face

Why oh why are women are seeking out surgical 'help' for their Resting Bitch Faces?

In today's sad beauty news, women are apparently seeking out surgical help for their Resting Bitch Faces in order to achieve... Resting Approachable Face?

Having lived my life with Resting Approachable Moon Face, I am unsure why you would seek out any treatment that encourages men to tell you that "you should smile!" more, but hey, it's your face.

I'm sorry you've had to live your life in a world where you feel that you should do anything to your face in order to make it more comfortable to anyone but yourself, let alone make it appear to be the face of a pleasant person when you are unconsciously going about your life.


Of course, it is a sexist, gendered concept with misogyny at it's heart. There are no men with resting bitch face. Men get to just have their face, without being told, even in what is deemed a light-hearted way, that they look like a bitch.

Ideally the concept of 'resting anything face' wouldn't exist, it wouldn't be a term of whimsical cultural phenomena that has made it's way into our collective subconscious along with standing desks and Pumpkin Spice Lattes and we wouldn't expect that females must permanently appear friendly or open to a stranger in any capacity.

Ideally, no woman would feel an expectation to alter their face that fits a demand to give others any feeling their emotions don't instantly convey.

Let's not even get into the botox and fillers you need, according to the New York Post, because “if you always look dumpy, or unfriendly … people are going to react to you differently.”

The audacity of you to not look warm in the presence of people you owe nothing to when you are resting.

Wear your RBF as a badge of honour for having the power to instantly let anyone know to expect their downfall should they suggest you "cheer up!".

I'll be over here practising my Exerted Bitch Face.


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