Dear Beauty Brands, Take Note Of This Genius Move and Repeat It

There are two things in this world that we love: good beauty products?and nostalgia.

So when we learned about the collaboration between beauty favourites Clinique and our childhood favourite Crayola (!!!), we reacted similarly to how a child would with a new toy.

Apart from the subtle and attractive - very "Clinique"? colourways (10 of them) there's nothing overly spectacular about this collab. But the marketing move is pure and simple brilliance.

There has been nothing new or fancy added to the already best-selling Clinique Chubby Sticks, but I mean we're literally taking a walk down memory lane; except at the end of it, we get a reliable and trustworthy product.

They've even cleverly named the Chubby Sticks with good old-fashioned Crayola names like "Tickle Me Pink" and "Mango Tango"?(*internal squeal*).


If you dug deeper into it, you'd probably find that neither Clinique or Crayola invested a whole amount of money or time into the project because they have confidence that it will sell itself; and we're betting that they're correct.

It's smart branding and excellent marketing, and it opens up the endless opportunity for future collaborations. Clinique X My Little Pony, anyone?

Clinique Crayola Chubby Stick is on sale?for a limited time at all Clinique counters nationwide and online from February 3rd, and are priced at €20.50 each.

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