My day in beauty with Sarina Bellissimo: ‘What is texture spray?’

Radio presenter Sarina Bellissimo has interviewed the likes of Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock for her Spin 1038 show, Plan B. She appears regularly on TV, she is one of Ireland's most familiar voices, and yet, her beauty routine couldn't possibly be more minimal...

When I asked Sarina, who has been a work pal of mine for a few years now, to take part in this feature, she didn’t say no. But she did say: “If you are ever doing a piece on someone not having a beauty regime, I am your person. You can see how little I really do use… please don't disown me!” Sarina knows of my passion for beauty and, I’m sure, can tell how much I use on an ongoing basis.

I can see why she thought I might judge, but in reality? I quite envy her minimal approach. I am also deeply envious of the fact that her glowing skin and shiny hair are eternally flawless with no help from the array of products I employ on a daily basis.

Minimal beauty, maximum effect


“I am such a minimalist, because I’m lazy,” Sarina explains. “The thought of having to put on and take off make-up everyday feels like a lot of effort and time!”

“I throw water on my face in the morning and put on some Estée Lauder Day Wear moisturiser before throwing on a red lipstick. I always have red lipstick, deodorant, hand sanitiser and hand cream in my bag,” she says.

What I’m taking from this is that the very few products she does use must be good, and must be worth using, otherwise, I suspect, Sarina would have long abandoned them.

Sarina’s skincare picks:

Cleanser – Don’t have one
Toner - Don’t have one
Moisturiser - Estée Lauder Day Wear
Serum - Don’t have one
Eye cream - Don’t have one
Mask - Don’t have one
Hand cream - Whatever some one has gifted me

Estée Lauder Daywear Moisturiser, €55


Sarina’s top skincare tip? 
“Drink lots of water!”

Sarina’s make-up picks:

“I only wear make-up when I am on TV so I have the most basic of stuff that I put on as a base. The fab Virgin Media Television make-up department can usually fix me up - today it was the fab Roisin!"

Foundation – Don’t have one because I don’t like how it feels on my skin
Primer - Don’t have one
Mascara - Maybelline one
Liner - Don’t have one
Palette/eyeshadow - Usually something from MAC (very basic)
Powder - A Benefit one
Brushes I usually use what ever is with the packages or some ancient MAC ones that (I have a total of three)

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, €7.49

Sarina’s top make-up tip:


“Wear Red lipstick. It brightens up your face.”

Sarina’s hair picks:

Shampoo – whatever is in the bathroom
Conditioner - whatever is in the bathroom
Mask – Have never used one
Hairspray – don’t use it
Texture spray – what is this???
Brushes – A brush I have had for far too long
Tools - A hairdryer and a GHD. I could not get by without my GHD!

ghd Platinum Styler, €199

Sarina’s top hair tip:
“I style my hair by using my GHD but my real tip, is everyone needs the Virgin Media make-up department in their lives!”

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