David Beckham Signs For Biotherm

I admit it - this post is a blatant excuse to get a picture of David Beckham up on the site today. But it also interesting beauty news - honestly. David Beckham is the new ambassador and long-term partner with French luxury skincare brand Biotherm Homme. He cites that he has been interested in developing a skincare line for a long time now - make sense that he would, given his notoriously excellent grooming history.

This is a smart move by the brand as Beckham is considered to be a known influencer across generations of men. Biotherm bosses said, "men's grooming represents a significant?opportunity for our business, with Biotherm Homme, we now have the perfect partner to become a best-in-class, global leader in men's skincare."

Yes, Biotherm, you made a smart move. It's a classic win-win...their brand is propelled to the skincare stratosphere, men's skin improves via using the aquatic based products, launching in June, that are known for their efficacy, and today, we get to look at this lovely picture of David Beckham.

What? Objectifying, us?





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