Curl Your Eyelashes With Fire

Who is brave enough to do this beauty dance?

South Korea is the buzziest thing in the beauty blogosphere at the moment. The country that brought BB and CC creams to the masses is fast becoming the centre of all the trends and?Refinery 29 even has a Korean beauty correspondent, Joyce Kong, to help the site keep their fingers on the pulse of the next thing us westerners are going to go crazy for.

However, much as we love our BB this one Korean trick has us very nervous. Earlier this month?The Cut looked at lash-curling by fire and it does exactly what is says on the tin. The accompanying gif tutorial is unfazed at the whole heat-near-the-eyes thing.


This trick involves heating up a pointy wooden stick for a few seconds with the open flame of a match. You then let the hot stick cool and zig-zag it from root to tip to give those limpid eyelashes a natural curl.?The Cut describes the whole process as basically 'mini-perming your lashes? but we're still a little bit scared. In fact, we're really scared. Would you give it a lash?

(Needless to say don't try this one out at home!)

Jeanne Sutton?@jeannedesutun

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