Beauty Copycat: 12 Ways To Mimic Kylie Jenner's Valentine's Lip Kit

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Kylie Jenner is back with a brand new lip kit and, once again, we're licking our lips in anticipation. Needless to say, we won't get within a mile of one of these kits, given their demand and the speed at which they flew off the shelves when she released her first kit, but we can still look to the Queen of Lips for colour inspiration.

We adore these pinks; they're not sickly sweet, and they don't remind us of those times we tried to blow a bubble with our pink Hubba Bubba only for it to splatter all over our lips. With a plum undertone, they're mature, they're sophisticated, and they're easily wearable. What's more, these shades aren't just for the teenage Instagrammers they're aimed at; they'll suit all ages. Here we round up some similar shades that, thankfully, you won't have to sell a kidney online to get hold of.

Candy, Dolce, & Posie

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Ring around the rosie pocket full of POSIE

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