Are you concealing spots the right way?

Concealing spots should be easy, but it often isn't. Wondering why your spot concealing efforts aren't stacking up? And wondering if what you're doing is hygienic? This advice should help.

I always thought it was just me, but concealer never seemed to rest easy on my spots. Which, surely, is counterintuitive - you're trying to cover them up, not create a little spotlight of concealer around them to highlight the little cretins.

So, I've been observing the best in the business (on YouTube, Instagram and in real life) concealing spots, and this is what I've learned.

Don't double dip


Just like when you dip a Dorito into some salsa at a party, don't put the Dorito into your mouth and go in for more salsa - that's a recipe for party disaster. Likewise with your concealer. If you've got a raw/red or open pimple, using your brush on it, then replacing the brush into the concealer transfers bacteria onto your clean product.

Instead? Take concealer onto the back of your hand and go from there, washing it thoroughly afterwards.

Concealing spots = stay on the spot

When concealing spots, remember to go in with pinpoint accuracy at first. This applies to any blemish - if it's the size of a grain of rice, don't conceal an area the size of a ten cent coin. No need. What I'd do is first, pinpoint the concealer on, then let it set. Then go back later with some foundation and just pat it in, blending it but not pulling the concealer off its target.

concealing spots

Hourglass large concealer brush

€39 from Space NK


Shade match

There's a notion that emerged that your concealer should be lighter than your foundation - this is only true if you're concealing under your eyes specifically for brightness or in the context of a serious contour situation. Otherwise, and in particular for concealing spots, your foundation and concealer should pretty much match. Again, you're trying to HIDE the spot, not give it a platform for its views.concealing spots

Urban Decay Stay Naked Concealer

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Set but don't drag

When it comes time to set your face with powder, or to add contour/blush to an area where a spot is present, make sure you pat any additional product into the skin gently, rather than dragging the skin with a brush or fingertips. This will ensure the bacteria (and the coverage you've just applied) stays where you need it to stay.

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.


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