Clarisonic Mia Mini

A few years ago we tried one of the first generation Clarisonic skin brushes and were well-impressed with the results- smoother, brighter skin that absorbed product much more effectively. It was love- until, that is, it started to smell a little. In those days, there was no easy way to get replacement brushes so it lay unloved at the bottom of a cupboard until finally someone threw it away in disgust.

The statute of limitations for that particular beauty transgression has now run out so we gave ourselves permission to test drive the new travel-sized Mia Mini (?99). A fortnight in we're unanimous in our approval. It's smaller and lighter than the older version and has a funky magnetized charger that won't ever be confused with another appliance's. Heads are now easily replaceable online, so the old problem is extinct and our skin has literally never been smoother- even after a glycolic peel. If you are fond of the odd serum or two, you'll find that it soaks in much more quickly and evenly, too because it doesn't have to wind its way around dead skin or blocked pores. Go for the glow.


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