Choosing the right texture spray for your hair type

Not every texture spray will be right for your hair type. If landed with the wrong one, your hair might not get the desired result. Here are some great ones for different hair types...

There's the kind of texture don't want (think Monica in the Bahamas in Friends) and there's the kind you do want (think Blake Lively in, well, life), but whether or not you get it hinges on your choice of product.

As a rule of thumb, for thin hair choose a fine mist/spray, for thick hair choose something a bit wetter with a bit of grit, and for curly hair, something powdery is usually the best shout. Here are three I rate.

For thin/fine hair...


texture spray

Joico Body Shake €21.85

I've got a trio of texture sprays I rotate, but this one is the best of the three for my most fine-haired days. I love Moroccanoil texture spray for when my hair is long, I love Joico's Hair Shake when I'm going out, but for a normal day with my current midi-bob, this one is the actual dream. Light texture but a good amount of hold.

For curly hair...

texture spray

Sachajuan Dry Powder Shampoo €25 

Granted this isn't strictly a texture spray, it's dry shampoo. But as girls with curly hair will know, sometimes you have to go off-menu to get the best for your locks. This one provides structure and volume to curly hair, as well as a matte finish - important for anyone trying to avoid a mousse hangover.


For thick hair...

texture spray

Eleven Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray, €18

This one kind of goes on a little bit tacky and wet - now, it dries on contact with hair, but can be a little heavy-duty for finer hair. Thick hair, however, adores this product. Something too light (like Body Shake) won't give a firm enough control or hold for thicker hair, whereas this one does.

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans. 

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