Changing your nail colour to suit the season, yay or nay?

My nail colour is a very specific shade of red. All year. Every day. 24/7, 365. But I was recently asked why I don't change it to suit the season, so that got me thinking. Should I?

Your fingernails are one of the only parts of your beauty routine YOU get to admire as the days pass. Your make-up? You don't usually see it. Your hair? Again, not to be enjoyed by you for the most part. Your nails, however, are yours to admire, and in my opinion, that means you have to truly suit yourself when it comes to shape, length and colour choice.

In the name of research, I took a poll on my Instagram. I asked if people change their nail colour according to the season - I had 3,435 votes for YES and 1,898 votes for NO. Which breaks down to about a 65% for and 35% against split... the vast majority of you listen to the call of winter, summer, spring and autumn when it comes time to decide on a nail shade.

The case for changing


I have little to no experience in changing my nail colour. I get regular manicures and always pick the exact same shade, much to the chagrin of my lovely nail tech. Occasionally, maybe once a year for a fortnight, I'll venture darker. However, I can concede the following...

Changing your nail colour to suit the season works because your nail tech won't judge you for being so samey, your nails will match the feeling of the season, you won't get bored with your nail colours and your nails might stand a better chance of suiting your outfit.

And look - 65% of people, when polled, are into the change. It's a popular route to take with your nails, and just like changing your wardrobe to suit the season, those who change nail colour are obviously applying the 360 approach to their aesthetic, which is absolutely admirable.

The case against changing

My favourite phrase when it comes to beauty is 'You. Do. You.' Those full stops are required too, FYI. And really, that motto flies in the face of listening to the turning seasons when it comes to nail colour.

I don't feel 'dark' in winter. If anything, the dark days make me crave some lightness, so I'm even more likely to go bright with my nails. To be completely honest, my nails are practical. Short when I'm extra busy at work so I can type faster. Long and almond-shaped when I want to feel very ladylike. Bright red when, well, the day of the week ends in Y.


Long story short - you have to look at them. If embracing the season is your vibe, rock it. If you want black as coal nails in high summer and yellow for Christmas day, you do you.

Sorry, I mean You. Do. You.

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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