Chanel Le Lift

After twelve years of research, Chanel have released their Rolls Royce of anti-ageing creams - Le Lift. As can be expected from the brand, the result is sublime. It utilises a particularly potent ingredient extracted from the Edulis plant that has been proven to assist in re-contouring, toning and refining the complexion. The scientists at Chanel isolated key proteins from the plant and then created a patented molecule that is fifty times more powerful than the original compound. In plain English, this basically means it's a win-win for your skin!

Cleverly, Le Lift comes in three different versions; Le Lift Cr'me - with a soft, satiny feel and suitable for normal skin types; Le Lift Cr'me Fine- ?a lightweight, oil free version for combination or oily skins and Le Lift Cr'me Riche- ?a richer, more nourishing formula for drier skin.

I've been using the latter for a few weeks now and my skin is certainly feeling happy and not its usual, de-hydrated January self.



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