Can we talk about... the new ghd ink on pink collection

Meet ghd's most innovative tool yet. 

Do you remember a time when you lived and died by your ghd straightener? When poker-straight hair was as commonly seen as The Zara Polka Dot Dress? When you'd bring it with you everywhere you went to top up any fizzy bits throughout the day? If I had to choose one beauty product that represented my teenage years, I'd pick the ghd. There was no better Christmas present.

The ghd is still an important part of my life, all that's changed is that the appearance of my flyaway hairs doesn't have the power to ruin my day anymore. The ghd glide heated hairbrush made having hair extensions so much easier. The ghd curve gave me - a very unskilled and un-co-ordinated lover of hair tools - the ability to actually curl my own hair. Until last year, when I learned to curl with the newest ghd launch, their most innovative and rigorously tested tool yet: the platinum +.

Remember a time when you had to wait for a hair tool to heat up? Well, we're living in the future. The ghd platinum + heats up in just 20 seconds. It contains the power to smooth your hair with just one stroke, on all hair types, thanks to something very Black Mirror called predictive technology. Predictive technology recognises the thickness of your hair, the size of the section of hair you are styling and the speed at with you're styling with, and adjusts the heat and power as such. Heat is monitored 250 times per second on the hair, making sure the optimum temperature for your hair is maintained, and at the safest temperature. Truly, this is the Tesla of hair straighteners.


The brand has been supporting breast cancer charities around the world for 15 years, and this year have partnered with tattoo artist David Allen to design a limited edition ghd range based on his tattoo work with mastectomy scars, a mission he began with women looking to take back control of their femininity with bodies they no longer recognised or felt connected to. The new collection is designed with the same signature floral style he is known for and is really quite beautiful.

While the new design and technology might have been enough to convince you to buy a new ghd, you haven't even heard the best bit yet. With every limited edition pink styler sold, ghd will donate €10 the Irish Cancer Society, so if you're in the market for a new ghd, better than ever before, be sure to pick up the new pink ghd platinum + from the ink on pink collection.

The ghd platinum + pink edition, €199 is available in Peter Mark salons nationwide and with €10 from every pink limited edition styler sold donated to the Irish Cancer Society.

Photography by ghd.

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