Can we talk about... Giorgio Armani's new Colour Sketchers

Minimise your make-up with Giorgio Armani's new Colour Sketchers for lips, eyes and cheeks.

How's your make-up bag looking these days? Mine goes through phases.

I'm either reliant solely on concealer, a red lip and mascara, then I blink and all of a sudden my make-up bag has turned into my entire handbag. Everything is coated in a light layer of fluff. Pencil pairings line the base of my handbag. I have somehow acquired three BeautyBlenders, all of which need a wash. There are four eyeliners with me at all times, none of which I use. I've become reliant on just one blusher and can, therefore, retire the other five I'm carrying around until they pique my interest again. My setting spray is rattling around in my bag, spritzing my books and laptop as it no longer fits into the make-up bag. And somehow I've ended up carrying around eighteen different yet very similar shades of nude lipstick.

Am I the sole lone hoarder? Or does this sound familiar to you?


Maybe you want to carry around less make-up, pair back your routine for summer and early autumn, or maybe you're just looking for a game-changer to make the whole routine of make-up that bit quicker and easier.

Allow me to introduce you to your new hack, whether you are the kind who could count their make-up products on one hand, or if you're (like me) carrying around enough make-up to get a Kardashian ready for the Met Gala.

Giorgio Armani have just launched Colour Sketchers for lips and cheeks, available in satin and sheer finishes and ten striking and chic shades of light pinks, plums and browns, a.k.a., shades you'll actually wear no matter the season.

The reds and burgundies will boost a complexion that didn't get out of the office to catch the sunlight this summer and I am aggressively enamoured with the shade Dolci, the perfect subtle and dusky nude pink for lips or cheeks. 

Giorgio Armani Colour Sketcher in Dolci, €35

As they are crayons, they are really just pathetically easy to use. They glide on seamlessly, stay put all day and require utterly no skill whatsoever. For cheeks, dab it on and blend in with fingers and for lips, simply draw it around the line of your lips and roughly colour in the rest. This truly is no-mirror-make-up, I could apply this chunky crayon without a mirror, in the dark, with my eyes closed and still not mess it up. It is completely fault-proof.

The formula is creamy and light so there's no reason you couldn't apply it on the eyes too, for a monochromatic make-up look. The shade Wine would be particularly nice on the eyes.


Giorgio Armani Colour Sketcher in Wine, €35


Your final hack with your new favourite product might be the best of all: Armani's Colour Sketchers are wind-up, meaning no pairing needed. Say goodbye to the layer of pairings littering the base of your make-up bag.

Giorgio Armani Colour Sketchers, €35 each, are available in-store and online at Brown Thomas. 

Photography by Giorgio Armani.


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