Can we talk about... Charlotte Tilbury's new foundation, Airbrush Flawless Foundation

The real New Year approaches, everything feels a bit more serious and you're no doubt busier than ever. There is a solution though, to make everything easier, to simplify the morning routine. As usual, you can thank Charlotte Tilbury. 

Can you feel it? The change in the air? September approaches, and with it, that back-to-school feeling that you should be making a new start. The real New Year is here.

January is no time to renew yourself. You're still craving a diet of mostly cheese, still polishing off the Quality Street. But now that summer's end advances, the sting of guilt for New Year's Resolution that never were is strong. You've paid a monthly mortgage repayment for that one class you went to when you signed up for your gym membership. Fluorescent Lyrca leers at you, squished into a ball in the drawer you never open. Your vegan cookbooks are dusty.

Summer brings it's own gluttony. You've skipped out of the office a bit earlier, spent a little longer than usual finishing off your sandwich in the sunshine, Instagrammed your way through vats of Aperol Spritzes and Whispering Angels. You now own a wardrobe of floral midi dresses, plimsolls and espadrilles. You've neglected your inbox. Now it's back to school, reality bites and things are starting to feel a bit more serious.


It's time to fire up the Duo Lingo app again, time to dust off your favourite old jumper and start the high street hunt for your new winter coat. I've downloaded The Journal's excellent new podcast, The Explainer, to guide me and talk me through all the news stories I've been gloriously ignoring in favour of beach novels. And I've saved a few episodes of The Creep Dive with Sophie White, Jen O’Dwyer and Cassie Delaney for when the news gets to be too much.

Now is not the time to berate yourself for not saving more money or eating clean or practising mindfulness. Summer is a season of gluttony too, with friends and wine and Marlboro Lights and freckles and sunshine and we've all had our fun, but getting serious doesn't need to mean guilt-tripping yourself about too much time spent scrolling and not making your Daily Step Count.

Now is the time where we consider redesigning ourselves. Do I like my job? Should I worry about *insert insignificant thing to worry about*? Will I start a hobby? Who's house are we doing Christmas in? Could I become a vegan? Should I get bangs?

You'll figure it out. We'll pay off the summer holiday and crawl through the inbox and get the school uniforms sorted and find the perfect winter coat. But in the meantime, when you cannot possibly make any more space in your brain for insignificant details, when you don't have time to look at your face until 8pm and you definitely don't have time to top it up, Charlotte Tilbury is here to save the day again.

Skincare meets make-up in Charlotte Tilbury’s latest innovation, Airbrush Flawless Foundation, €40. It has more benefits than you'll believe - skin is moisturised for 24 hours, boosted in hydration by 216%, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 22% and protects skin against pollutants. It comes in 44 shades with all the under and overtones, lasts perfectly FOR up to 16 hours and feels like nothing on the skin. It’s a natural matte finish and one pump stretches for your whole face, meaning you’ll get a long time out of this bottle , plus it’s sweat, humidity and waterproof. Truly flawless skin that gets better with every use: Tilbury outdoes herself once again. Apply it once, watch it stretch all over your face with just one pump and not budge all day, and see your skin improve over time.

Foolproof foundation that covers everything and doesn't need to be touched up all day is exactly what you need to ease you through September's busy-ness. 

Right, this Aperol Spritz isn't going to drink itself.


Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Filter, €40, is available online on from August 22 and in stores from August 29.

Photography by Charlotte Tilbury. 

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