Can you really damage fragrance notes when you put perfume on?

Your fragrance notes are an expensive business, for the most part. So the last thing you'd want to do is damage them when applying your favourite scent...

What's the first thing you do when you apply fragrance to your wrist?

Knock it off the other wrist, rub rub rub, good to go. Right?

Well, it turns out, you could be actually causing damage to your fragrance notes, causing them to evaporate and accelerating the development (and hence the lasting time) of your scent.


fragrance notes

Top note top notes

As it turns out, top notes - which are the first ones you smell immediately after application - are the most delicate molecules, so by rubbing and pressing them straight away, you’re running the risk of changing the whole reason you liked the fragrance in the first instance. It'll wind up smelling really different with altered top notes.

How to fix that? Don't rub. Instead, apply a small amount to each wrist and then let your perfume air dry.

Hit your pulse points

You're probably used to spraying your perfume onto your wrists and chest area. But there are other places where fragrance can have just as good and as lasting an effect.

Pretty much anywhere that blood vessels are closer to your skin, because more heat will be generated at those places. Inside your elbows, at your ankles and behind your knees are all good places, believe it or not.


fragrance notes

Also - did you know? The better hydrated your skin is, the longer your scent will stay on. So moisturise up! And even better if it's with a matching body lotion. Scent layering is by far the best way to ensure a lasting fragrance all day.

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