Brown Thomas WILD: Aimee Connolly On The Perfect 5-second Eyebrow Product And The 'No Makeup' Look

Top Irish Make-up artist Aimee Connolly will host an intimate make-up masterclass this Thursday, March 8th, on the Brown Thomas rooftop in Dublin. Hear her expert beauty advice, observe her techniques and soak up all the tips (and treats!) at this exclusive event. Ahead of her appearance, we asked the successful beauty entrepreneur about achieving the perfect 5-second brows, why the Instagram look is done and her desert island beauty must-haves.

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Having a good base is by far one of the most important things when it comes to makeup because the finish will always be a 1000 times better. I think a good base needs to start with your skincare products - not that I am going to delve too deeply into the skin but certain things like exfoliating dead skin cells, applying a hydrating mask before a big occasion or using a good serum to really prep the skin is ideal. These all lend themselves to a smoother base which only amplifies your finished look.

When it comes to primers I could write a novel. However, some go to’s that I always use would be Benefit’s Porefessional. It's great in small amounts on areas like t-zones that might have open pores. I am all about the dewy look too so I adore MAC Strobe Cream.


Dewy skin has been the most requested look since forever especially since highlighter took over the world! This is by far my favourite finish to make-up, so I would be slightly biased.  I set the face lightly with a translucent powder - there is a huge difference between being dewy and shiny and you don’t want shiny! Then highlighter comes into play.

The best highlighter for all ages and a dewy skin effect is a cream highlighter. I would tap this onto the tips of the cheekbones, the centre of the nose and the cupid’s bow to really lift the areas of the face. This will have you looking beautiful and radiant. I also think blusher is so important to finish with and one that has a sheen built into it is nearly even better to add to that glow.

If I was stranded on a desert island, I would bring my Sculpted By Aimee Connolly Rose Gold Palette. I know I am being biased saying this but I genuinely do use it every day and it's so handy with the bronzer and highlighters in one (which I also use as shadows!). Secondly, I would have a lip liner with me - hands down one of my favourite makeup products ever. If I had to pick a colour it would be MAC SpiceAnd thirdly I would throw in a mascara gel for my brows - I think we should all own one of these regardless. This is your 5-second fix for your eyebrows - they colour them, set them and groom them all in one.

The Instagram look is doneI think things are starting to come full circle in the makeup world and I think it’s going to start paring back big time and the ‘no makeup' look is coming back. Forget the heaviness and embrace your natural look.

I'm not someone who latches onto trends because they're in fashion. I tend of stick to what I like and experiment with new products as I come across them. One thing I am excited about is the comeback of glitter. Glitter is going to be a big focus of 2018 and I just love a little bit of sparkle on the lid so I am delighted. 


Choosing concealer depends on what part of your face it's being applied to. For a full coverage concealer for my blemishes, I tend to go for MAC Studio Finish concealer. 

Dark or light lips? As much as I do try to rock a statement lip now and again my preference is definitely a lighter lip. It’s easier to wear, less maintenance and I suppose you aren't as aware of it.

Join Aimee for treats, music and, of course, beauty on the rooftop of the Brown Thomas Car Park, Dublin, this Thursday, March 8th. Click HERE for tickets.

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