Brow basics: The brow products I couldn’t live without

Brow products that work are few and far between, in truth - there are so many out there that don't do what they say they will. Here are some I would be truly bereft without...

My brows were a complete disaster for many, many years. When I started taking care of them and buying decent product for them, I kissed many metaphorical frogs before I found my brow prince. Now that I have, I'll happily scream about them to anyone who'll listen.

First up...

Brow basics


brow products

Spoolies (reuasble)

€4 from Boohoo

Buy yourself some spoolies, and don't throw them away after one use - they can be washed the same as any make-up brush.

Brow gel

brow products

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel


€26.50 from Brown Thomas

I once said, and I quote, "brow gel is brow gel", but I officially take that back. I believed it firmly, until I tried ABH's clear one and was straight away converted. Your brows will not MOVE. Trust me. Through all manner of face touching and expression.

Brow pencil

brow products

Urban Decay Brow Beater in Neutral Brown

€19.50 from Debenhams

I've yet to try a comparable brow pencil. The finest nib, the creamiest texture, the best pigment - this one has it all. I bulk buy them in case I ever run out or leave one somewhere. The spoolie on the end is handy, too.


Brow pomade

brow products

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade

€22 from Brown Thomas

There's a really, really good reason this is an iconic product, featuring on every second MUA's Instagram account. It's just that good. It has the perfect texture, a great shade range and incredible staying power.

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Photo from Jason Lloyd Evans

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