The brow filling tips that will perfect the natural look

The art of brow filling is not for the faint of heart - one wrong move and your whole make-up look is potentially ruined. But with this tiny nugget of brow filling advice, you might never have to remove and refill ever again...

Over many years of brow filling, watching make-up artists on set, attending make-up masterclasses and watching YouTube videos, all as part of my job as a beauty editor, I've come up with something of a cheat sheet. Tips that will make your brow filling efforts easier, leaving you with better brows and more time on your hands.

Tip 1: Fill ONLY the gaps

This one changed the brow filling game for me entirely. Before you start, brush your brows into their natural shape - it doesn't matter if they look utterly gappy, that's okay. Then, start filling the gaps. Don't pencil across the whole brow - JUST start by filling in the gaps. Where there is literally no brow. After that, you'll be able to add darkness where needed, if needed.


Bottom line, don't fill where doesn't need to be filled.


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Tip 2: Brush through constantly

As you fill your brows, brushing up, down and through with a clean spoolie brush is important. Before you fill the underneath, brush the hair upwards to see where needs filling (see tip one!) and likewise, when filling the upper brow line, brush the hair downwards.

Tip 3: Light centre, dark ends

Think of your brows beginning in the centre of your face - they should be lighter and less full there. As they reach the outer edges, they can get thicker and darker and more full, as generally, someone who has naturally thick hair will have that arrangement.



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Tip 4: Never be surprised

This one sounds obvious, but I always forget - STILL. But it's so, so vital. When you're brow filling, make sure you've got a neutral expression. Relax your face. If you pencil your brows when you're making your 'make-up face' you'll relax and the pencil will be in all the wrong places. Adopt no expression and it'll work out much better.

Go forth and fill, and for the love of all things good - stop plucking!

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