Britney's Bob: Yay or Nay?

As we continue to moan about the daily upkeep involved in keeping your long, extension-ised locks in tip top condition (no but really, it takes me a good hour to get my whole head DRY), we're falling more in love with the idea of a bob, be it a blunt bob, a short bob or even a lob, with every passing day.

Going short seems to be the done thing in 2014 as celebrities do away with high maintenance hair in favour of something far easier and, arguably, sexier. Framed on the right face, you just can't beat a hair cut that skims your collar bones. Emma Stone's done it, Scarlett Johannsson's done it, Rose Byrn'e always doing it and now Britney's gone for the chop too.

But while it's worked wonders for stone and Johannson, we're not quite sure it's done Britters any favours. Unfortunately for the noughties hitmaker, this particular cut seems only to have aged her and given her a very corporate look. But then again, maybe we can blame the suit for that. Though she's been long known for her peroxide blonde colour, perhaps a move towards a more subtle, natural blonde might have served her better, paired with a more shapely, texturised cut.


Negatives aside, however, it was high time Miss Spears did away with those very obvious extensions that she's had to rely on ever since that time she went a bit mad and all but scalped herself. Let's just be glad those days are behind us.

What do you think? To bob/lob or not to bob/lob?

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