Brave Enough for a Vampire Facial?

It involves your own blood...

You may have thought with the end of HBO's True Blood after seven truly crackpot seasons that vampires were over and that the cultural trend was about to find some everlasting repose. You were wrong. Only this week Hollywood announced a spate of Twilight mini-movies and Irish director Gary Shore is currently taking over cinemas with his epic retelling of Bram Stoker's classic novel, Dracula Untold. We're also looking at Hallowe?en in a matter of weeks. Expect to see the word ?vampy? in all beauty copy henceforth. Venus Medical are getting in on the Dracula love with Vamprie Facials promising to fight wrinkles and help kickstart the anti-ageing process. 20mls of your own blood is extracted - that's just over four teaspoons - with the growth factors in the platelets found in blood found to help regenerate and repair skin. Once your blood is drawn the platet rich plasma is isolated and injected into areas of the face to increase collagen production.

The Vampire Facial came into common parlance after Kim Kardashian underwent one during an episode of her reality television show and we've been oddly intrigued ever since. Bar Refaeli has also indulged. If that all sounds a little bit too they're-using-my-blood-as-a-beauty-serum check out the Bram Stoker Festival later this month - a Goths v Zombies Dance-Off and a glamorous Shapeshifters ball are just a sample of what this quirky festival has planned for the city.


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