Boots Summer Beauty Weekender: Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd

IMAGE Magazine and Boots invite you to an outstanding weekend of beauty excitement, expertise and insider tips.?Combining the hottest talent in the business, with plenty of special guests and generous hospitality, this will be a weekend of beauty-packed, selfie-snapping fun as we deep-dive into everything the worlds of hair, fragrance, skincare, suncare and cosmetics have to offer. Over Thursday evening, July 13 and all day Saturday, July 15, Boots, in association with IMAGE Magazine, will present a calendar of drop-in sessions, interviews, makeovers and meet and greets.


Ahead of?the Boots Summer Beauty Weekender, we caught up with Thursday's act, Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd.

?I view the skin as a jigsaw puzzle, and there are many pieces that need to be considered to complete the picture: what products we use, medication, diet, exercise, sleep and stress management all play their part in telling?telling the skin's story.? - Jennifer Rock

When did you first fall in love with skincare?

I started receiving facials as a teenager due to teen acne and I became the most inquisitive and irritating client known to man - ?why? was my favourite word along every step in the protocol. My respect for the skin and the industry began there and it developed increasingly over the years. My first role as a beauty therapist involved a lot of facials and the rest is history - awards, training, lecturing, attending seminars and learning from some of the best people in the world.

What's the worst thing you can do to your skin?

? Not viewing it as an organ.
? Not having moles checked.
? Treating it as an accessory.
? Neglecting and having no regime at all - it doesn't need to be costly. Basic often triumphs.
? Never receiving a professional consult as it truly optimises results and reduces costs on unnecessary ingredients and products and guarantees the correct usage and skin recommendations.
? Over-exfoliating as it strips the skin and exposes it to the elements and accelerates inflammation and sensitivity and decreasing resistance ... increasing the possibility of many common skin conditions such as acne rosacea and eczema.
? Using sun beds - it's an organ why fry it? Why increase the possibility of cancer? Why why why?
? Using face wipes - ask yourself how they stay wet? The chemical content dehydrates and irritates the skin. Hydration of the skin is imperative and somewhat comparable to the need of the internal organs to have water levels to act optimally.
...Not all necessarily in that order!

What's the best skincare advice you were ever given?

Double cleanse, use Vitamin A/retinol topically in doses of 0.6%+ and apply SPF - but most controversially: eat clean by eating green! Feeding the roots of the skin from within will only flourish what we see aesthetically.

What skincare regime step should you never skip?

I personally cannot expect my skin to behave unless I'm using topical Vitamin A. It is THE holy grail. It assists with pigment, lines, wrinkles, hydration, skin exfoliation, density and gentle health. It's basically a lazy person's way of having enviable skin.

What skincare essentials could you not live without?

SPF - it's the shield and part of the Nerd core philosophy. It baffles me that many will spend copious amounts of money on fillers, injectables and quick-fix lasers and peels, yet won't apply a protective layer daily. Why repair the damage if you're not going to prevent further?!


Botanics Hydration Burst Day Lotion SPF15, €10.99


Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo, €60

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, €19

All products available from Boots.?



Great make-up starts with stunning skin. Jennifer Rock (aka The Skin Nerd) demystifies skincare as she covers the steps, the order, the application and the cleansing thereof. Incorporating just the right amount of user-friendly science, she'll cut through fads to select the heroes that should be on our bathroom shelves. And as summer temperatures soar, she'll also outline the pillars of smart suncare.

Join us in Boots Liffey Valley at this exclusive IMAGE event, and meet?Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd?on Thursday, July 13th at 7pm.?Don't forget to enter our?amazing competition to win a €500 voucher for Boots!

**Sold out events will accept walk-ins on the day, however, seating not guaranteed**


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