Bobbi Brown really wants you to have good skin

Bobbi Brown is reshaping the beauty industry again. 

Bobbi Brown first broke through the mould of the beauty industry in the 80's, at a time of peak colour cosmetics and contouring with a curation of essentials designed to highlight your natural beauty. A collection of 12 lipsticks sold at a chemist turned into the global name brand we know today, and emphasising your natural beauty has always remained Bobbi Brown's ethos.

In an interview with IMAGE Magazine, Bobbi Brown told us, "I believe that great skin is 70 per cent what you put in your mouth and 30 per cent what you put on your face, so I eat a healthy diet so that it reflects on the outside. To me, being healthy is about incorporating a well-balanced diet and exercise into your lifestyle. It's really about finding something you're comfortable with that you can stick too."  Now a certified health coach after completing a degree with the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, Bobbi has stepped into a new area of the beauty industry with a lifestyle line, Evolution_18.


Evolution_18 by Bobbi Brown Beauty Gummy, €25

Evolution_18 is a collection of seven beauty ingestibles designed to target beauty concerns and give you healthier hair, stronger nails, shinier skin and a boost from within. Bobbi worked with Keith Frankel of VitaQuest International (who create nutraceuticals and functional foods) and a team of scientists and chemists.

Evolution_18 by Bobbi Brown Beauty Collagen Powder, €31.49

The nutritional enhancers include genuinely delicious berry flavoured gummies for hair and nails, collagen capsules and powder, biotin capsules to help grow healthier nails and hair, effervescent collagen and vitamin tablets, fatigue-destroying vitamin b12 tablets and Beauty Blend, a powder packed with vitamins, and microbiome supporting fibers for overall health.



Evolution_18 by Bobbi Brown Beauty Bubbles Recharge,  €25

Evolution_18 by Bobbi Brown is now available in Boots.

Photography by Evolution_18.

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