Blow-tox: Is This The New Way To Frizz Free Hair?

There's nothing we like better than reading about, and trying out, hair hacks to keep our locks healthy, soft and?frizz free. We're as open-minded as the next person, but even we're not so sure about this one.

Apparently, there's a new way to ensure your hair and scalp stay in tip-top condition - getting Botox injections into your scalp. Dubbed, ?blow-tox,? the process involves getting Botox shots injected into the scalp (mainly around the hairline), in order to prevent sweating in the area, those keeping your hair fresher for longer. No sweat = no greasy locks.

According to the Daily Mail, women are turning to getting Botox injections in their scalp to reduce sweating their hair out and keep their manes smooth and frizz free.

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One fan of ?Blotox? reportedly paid approximately paid around €350-400 to get the Botox shots in her scalp in order to get her thick, wavy hair under control.


According to cosmetic doctors, there has been a surge of women who have requested Botox shots in their scalps in order to help save their hairstyles, particularly in the UK. Many of the women have apparently been post-menopausal women who find themselves sweating more than they used to as younger women.

We just don't know how healthy this sounds though. It's natural for your scalp to sweat and omit oils; surely preventing this from happening could cause all sorts of issues down the line? Though in a way it makes some sense as Botox, better known for its wrinkle-smoothing abilities, also inhibits hyperhidrosis, or extreme sweating.

We can't promise your hair will look this good, should you opt for the Botox. We can't promise your hair will look this good, should you opt for the Botox.

Dr Carolyn Berry, Medical Director and Founder of Firvale Clinics in the UK said she has noticed an influx in women enquiring about the procedure.

?I have used Botox injections into the scalp before to treat people who sweat excessively, particularly around the hairline,? she explained.

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?[Some people] can literally wash their hair in the morning and before lunchtime it is stuck to their heads. The main group who ask for this treatment are menopausal women and they find that they are generally prone to sweat more, particularly around the scalp.?

We're not sure how good the long-term affect of these injections would be on your scalp, but it has reportedly worked wonders for some women suffer from extremely greasy hair and extreme sweating. Would you try this?

Via Daily Mail

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