How to make a blow-dry last longer, according to the hair experts

Getting a blow-dry is amazing but how do you make it last longer? We asked the experts

We've all been there, you get the blow-dry (or you do it yourself), and you feel great; like you could take on the world.

You now have the ability to swish your hair as they do in the ads, and you truly believe it will be like this forever. However, if like me your hair has its own soul and likes to do things at its own accord, the dream doesn't last.

One day in and my hair is knotted. Whatever slickness that was there has dissipated, and in place of curls, there are now twists that resemble dreadlocks.


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So how does one make the magic of a blow-dry last? Are there secrets out there we don't know? Have we been reading all the wrong informative articles? If I buy a silk pillowcase will everything be okay?

I have been thinking a lot about blow-dries lately. Thankfully, there were some hair experts on hand to divulge the secrets of the perfect blow-dry – whether that's in the salon or at home. And more importantly, how to make it last.

1. Avoid product overload

Hairstylist Thiago Carvalho told us: "Make sure to get rid of any product residue by shampooing your hair twice and use conditioner only on the middle lengths to ends. Use a light heat protection product to blow-dry, and avoid using too much finishing product." Thiago recommends Heated.defense by Kevin Murphy to provide light (but much-needed) protection to the hair, saying, "It's light, and like any Kevin Murphy product, has a beautiful scent."

Heated Defense by Kevin Murphy

€24 at Kevin Murphy


2. Use bobby clips instead of elastic

Thiago also recommends replacing elastic hair bobbins with bobby pins before you go to bed to keep the look of freshly blow-dried hair. "Before bed, put your hair in a loose bun and use bobby pins around the bun instead of elastic (I always show my clients how to do this and it's a lifesaver tip). You will wake up with beautiful hair," he says.

3. Use recommended hair-care products

In conjunction with the first point, Hannah Carroll (hairstylist with Dylan Bradshaw), says using trusted hair products is a must if you want to get longevity out of your blow-dry. "Use recommended home-care products from your salon professional, this will keep your hair in premium condition which is key in achieving an immaculate finish on all blow-dries."

4. Silke Hair Wraps

Hannah also swears by Silke Hair Wraps telling us: "I recommend these to all my blow-dry clients. They are a must-have for anybody who loves to get longevity from a blow-dry". These wraps cocoon hair to stop the friction and moisture absorption that happens when hair is in contact with bed linen. Made from 100% Mulberry silk, the wraps promise to condition hair, promote growth, boost thickness and extend the time between washes and blow-dries.


"The Sofia" Silke Hair Wrap

€58.51 at Silke London 






5. Shower caps and dry shampoo

Hairstylist Cliodhna Cremin from H Salon in Ranelagh believes shower caps and dry shampoo are key to protecting your blow-dry, saying, "Always use a shower cap when showering to help protect your blow-dry from water and humidity; and before going to sleep, make sure to spray a little bit of dry shampoo on your hair as this will help to make it last."

Image: Unsplash

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