These are the biggest nail faux pas, according to the experts

Something about beautifully manicured nails makes us feel like we can conquer the world. It's amazing what a bit of polish and cuticle oil can do for a woman. But, that being said, a lot of us commit major nail faux pas – not only damaging our natural nails but also driving our nail artists crazy (sorry). We asked five of Ireland's favourite nail artists (and nominees in this year's IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards) about the major mistakes Irish women make when it comes to nails, and what we can do to improve our overall nail health.

Chloe Gilbert at Tropical Popical

Photo credit: Instagram @tropicalpopical

"The biggest faux pas is picking! Picking gel or acrylic extensions and gel polish off! Also, not doing enough research on the quality of places and products being put on them. Unfortunately, like most industries, there will always be people who see money as more important than a person's nail health"

Jennifer Swaine at Leeson Beauty


Photo credit: Instagram @leesonbeauty

Jennifer agrees with Chloe, saying, "Peeling off your own gel polish rather than having it removed properly is so bad for your nails."


Robyn McDonald at The Beauty Lounge

Photo credit: Instagram @btbeautylounge

"Women always feel like they need to justify their manicure, but I say 'no ladies, treat yo'self'. Because of this, they will often leave their nails until there's an upcoming occasion, but regular maintenance is best."


Pamela Laird at The Beauty Parlour

Photo credit: Instagram @pamelalaird

"Wearing French manicure is the biggest faux pas. French is very hard to pull off and it's important to have the ratio of pink to white correct, or else it will make your nails look short and wide. It's one-third white to two-thirds pink."


Vivienne Bogdán-Hanyecz at Edvard & Pink

Photo credit: Instagram @edvardandpink

Vivien says the biggest problem we have is, "biting the nails and cuticles. Invest in a manicure and you will not be disappointed. No matter how bad you think your nails are (or how unsuitable for a manicure you think you are) a little TLC and regular manis will transform your hands. Instagram nails are generally not natural nails – just remember to get longevity from your extensions. They must be a realistic length for day to day."



Chloe Gilbert, Jennifer Swain, Pamela Laird, Robyn McDonald and Vivienne Bogdan are nominated for Best Nail Technician in the IMAGE Beauty of Business Awards. Click here to vote for your favourite, and remember to hit the button below for tickets:

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