Best Of: Fake Tan Round Up

The sun is out and though it might not be hot enough for us to get a tan (no but really, we shouldn't go in seek of sun tans) we've already got the pins out. As your legs emerge from the pairs of fleecy tights in which they hibernated all winter, chances are, they're in need of some sprucing up.

And that's where we turn to the bottle. No no, not the booze bottle, the fake tan.?Here we round up the new kids on the block for summer 15 as well as our old reliable favourites.

Newbie #1
Lancome Flash Bronzer Night-Sun
Of course you can't just false tan your legs and expect the rest of your body to blend in. Tanning the face is something we've always found tricky; the last thing you want is bits of tan gathering around your hairline like dirt or around your mouth, leaving you with a hideous brown 'tache. That will never be a good look. But with Lancome's Flash Bronzer, you needn't worry. Night-Sun is their first deluxe self-tanner, delivering a healthy glow on waking. It promises an incredibly natural-looking, gradual tan that gives you more of a glow than a full bronze lashing. Apply it at night instead of your night care and prepare to wake up the next morning with the most enviable of light tans. It's transfer resistant and you can bet your bottom dollar you'll be left with soft, flawless skin. €30.

Newbie #2
Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun
Sally Hansen is a name most synonymous with instant tan, but their Airbrush Sun gradual tanning lotion is nothing to be sniffed at. It gives you the best of both worlds with an instant, transfer-resistant, sun-kissed glow as well as allowing for a buildable tan that lasts for up to 7 days. With this lovely lotion you're left with silky, non-greasy skin and an instantly gorgeous glow. Right away, your skin appears supple, hydrated and any imperfections will M.I.A. It's also got a lovely tropical scent, ensuring you won't wake up smelling like a curry plant. Sold! €11.99


Newbie #3
The body Shop Honey Bronze Leg Mist
Though Sally Hansen above will always be a cult favourite for leg mists, The body Shop have come across with their own offering: Honey Bronze. With this you've got no oil, no shimmer and no transfers - just a warm, natural matte tan. The Body Shop also include a face gel (self explanatory) and a 'Highlighting Dome' for an added bit of bronzing on the cheeks and decolletage in this collection - all of which promise a sweet honey scent. Mmmm. €25.95 for the leg mist, €22.50 and €12.95 for the face gel and highlighting dome respectively.

Cult Favourites

Tan Organic
"For a natural, warm tan that never ever looks fake, my go to tan is Tan Organic. It glides on effortlessly, it doesn't smell bad and best of all, it doesn't come off, leaving me look like some sort of weird dinosaur; it fades away ever-so-subtly. It just really works with my skin tone." - Caroline Foran, Deputy Editor,, Beauty Editor, BASH.



Vita Liberata, Saint Tropez
"Mine are without a doubt Vita Liberata and Saint Tropez. They offer a nice, dark brown colour more so than a yellowie tan, which I've found with other products. They don't smell either which is always a bonus! - Ciara Cosgrove, Circulations Manager.


Cocoa Brown, Clarins Golden Glow Booster
"Gentle Bronze by Cocoa Brown is my ultimate tan for my body - I love it's soft tone for my pale skin and moisturising texture. It can be re-applied after a couple of days without caking or losing it's lustre. For my face, I mix two drops of the Clarins Golden Glow Booster into my moisturiser - this is a genius product as you can still get the skincare benefits of your chosen face care as well a glow you can control yourself - one drop for a light lift, two for a glow and three drops for a more definite tan." Ellie Balfe, Editor,



I love He-Shi Express Liquid Tan. As an infrequent tanner, who doesn't have a set routine nailed, I've had dodgy results with other brands. This one seems foolproof - for the light glow I want, you only leave it on for an hour, so you can literally watch it developing (therefore catching any streaks, in time). It's low on yellow pigment, stench-free and devoid of parabens, alcohol and other nasties. Kate O'Dowd, Editor, BASH.


Omorovicza 'Glam Glow' is amazing! But it's a splurge, more special occasion then everyday - unless you're minted! Corrine Vaughan, Cara Magazine

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