Best of Bangs

What's your favourite celebrity fringe?

Tomorrow at midnight, voting for the Business of Beauty Awards 2015 draws to a close. Have you given yourself a pain in the thumb with all that voting yet? Have you got your tickets to the ball?

Today though, as we mused over who will reign supreme in the hair stylist category, we got to talking about one question: To fringe or not to fringe. Or 'bangs' if you've overdosed on American TV.

Do you dare to go for a face-framing chop? Will your hair be the type to fly away the minute you step outside? Is it a wispy, sexy type of fringe you're after, or a full, heavy, I-mean-business type? Do bangs bode well with blondes? Or are they best served with brunettes?

Should you find yourself toying with the idea, a scissors in hand - put them down! You need expert hands for this. Get thee to some of these people for starters and for inspo, see below where we round up some of our favourite celebrity fringes for your perusal.


VOTE for BOB right here. Get tickets to BOB over here.

You want something wispy and fluttery but you're not yet ready to commit to the Jessica Biel below. The Cheryl is an ideal first step.

A fringe like this works wonders with long, beachy hair. Not too blunt, but still strong. Well played, Miss Biel.

Chances are, if you haven't got super heavy, thick hair, and you live in Ireland where the wind blows like there's no tomorrow, you'll wind up with the Rachel here. It's soft, subtle and it doesn't matter if your fringe here is blown from side to side.


Feeling super brave? Rachel McAdams' pixie fringe from the movie About Time was just too cute for words. Takes cojones, mind.

Proving that blondes and bangs go hand in hand, Suki Waterhouse rocks a 60s inspired fringe. It's glossy, it puts all our attention directly on those big brown eyes of hers. Heavy but again, not too blunt.

As for what to do when your fringe starts to grow (and it will, almost within minutes)? Sweep it to one side like Emma Stone. It still succeeds in softening the face with workable texture, without the added hassle of not being able to see. Perfect.


The best thing about Alexa Chung's hairstyle, is that it always appears as though it requires no effort. Does Alexa simply roll out of bed like this? Probably not, but with these gentle curtains, you won't need a whole lot of work.

Another example of how to work your fringe when it's getting out of hand. Taylor Swift shows here that it is possible to grow out your fringe if you wind up getting tired of it.

Kate Moss. Need we say more?

Saving the best for last, if there's one woman we turn to when we're in need of fringe inspiration, it's Rose Byrne. How could you not want one?



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